Shh, don't tell anyone, but in two days, I'm driving south to Mexico Beach, FL, a little community on the Panhandle, 30 miles east of Panama City. 

I've rented a house for two weeks (for $300/wk). It's the third time in 4 years I've done this--a getaway from Indiana winter and my boring daily routines. It's a wonderful retreat. The beaches are spectacular and virtually empty. No malls, golf courses, theme parks, people. Perfect for me (alone).

I worry, however. I hate leaving my home unattended. Despite having friends and family keeping watch, it's been broken into twice before when I left for an extended time (and even once when I was gone for only 4 hours!). This shouldn't happen in rural Indiana.

I'm not sure who the perpetrator was, but I have my suspicions. One "neighbor" is a convicted felon--nice kid, but has a history. Another neighbor has a teenager who's a suspect. His school was on vacation when my house was violated. Either could know I was gone. Of course, the sheriff ignored my recommendations.

One time, the house was ransacked--drugs, money, jewels? But the most I ever lost was a camera and some loose change in a jar. Oh, and an extra set of truck keys (that concerned me). I also worry that the house will burn down, or a tornado will move it to the next county. 

One more worry: my truck. Will it break down? Will I be involved in an accident, like being rear-ended three years ago, returning from Florida? 

Forget all that! It's not going to prevent me from going/leaving for "fun in the sun"! See you after Feb 16th.

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