Official Saudi national curriculum taught in the UK causes concern

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As the BBC reports (watch todays show if you can) about the official Saudi national curriculum for school kids up to an age of 18.

Obviously in the free schools that can be visited in the afternoons and on weekends, Muslim kids are subjected to religious indoctrination.

Antisemitic teachings can be found in many Arab school books in the middle east. It is not really new.

Neither are the lessons about Islamic punishment new (like when, why and how to chop off someones hand).

As despicable as it is already, none of the things mentioned in the report are really new to me.

What i find so remarkable is that it took them to 2010 to find out that schools exist that teach antisemitism and bigotry and that obviously the UK is not able to defend the kids from such indoctrinations. For it is one thing to see that children in Arab countries are taught nonsense, hatred and values that contradict humanism and liberal ideas. It is however a totally different thing to have such things taught in your own country.

For the past decade, especially under T(Lo)ony Blair the UK has in my view been faced a steady decline in secularity and liberalism giving religious wing nuts more and more power.

I can only hope that sometime soon people over there will come to their senses and stop this nonsense before it reaches proportions beyond control.

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