Oh God Why Do You make Your LOVED Suffer ?

FUNNY Thing Happened to Me, I was born a human and wished I was an angel.

Why do you suppose a loving and all powerful God, creates beings not only self conscious, but able to watch themselves crumble, rot and decay to dust ?

Pa, Why does Aunt Bee have cancer and you keep telling me to go to church to pray for her ? If I'm real bad, is that why God takes it out on Aunt Bee ?

Opie, its because God loves your aunt Bee and she will be with Jesus in paradise very soon. Now, hush up all your silly questions.

Life the journey through the gallery of pain, aging, disease, war, hatred, bigotry.

Did any of you wish you could just wake up from the bad dream. You dream and then wake up older and more decayed than before. The bad dream that keeps on turning until, you fall asleep and can't wake up anymore.

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