It’s never ceases to amuse me that the following passage translated from the original old testaments the within the Jewish Bible, the torah has been adapted from its original meaning in most Christian publications of the Old Testaments

Isaiah Chapter 45.7 (Torah)

I form the light, and create darkness; I make peace, and create evil; I am the LORD, that doeth all these things.

It of course highlights the fact that the Jewish author made a bold statement that God created evil and his evil game player the devil. The author states also that the Jewish God makes peace. Effectively I see a yin and yan principle concerning this super natural being fondly called God by three of the major religions.

The founders of these religions seemingly know their deity is playing a game of good and evil and they are just pawns as with the followers of the older religions found in Asia and perfected in Greece that had a multiple set of godly super natural beings playing games with human kind.

The Christians however seem to use most of the old testaments just reference points and skip over the can of worms parts of the first chapters of their holy book. In fact at one time Catholics where not allowed to read the bible and even priest were restricts to what they could read. Some of shoots of the Christian faith today use a bible study methods where as only those passages thought necessary are taught to the followers. Its thought to be dangerous to read the Bible without guidance.

The Muslim's Koran includes reference to holy script of the Torah but its not normally general reading as the Koran is the holy of holy books. One interesting factor the Koran was writen in poetic verse that makes it a very unique set of scriptures.

Of course Isaiah 45.7 in its original form and the correct translation from the original Greek as read by Jewish faithful would be considered non gratis reading within Bible studies. It’s meaning is very clear and would be deemed as making followers question their faith, well that’s at least my opinion so what’s yours?.

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