So I feel like venting, well not venting just rambling on about a few things. Thought about something that has not crossed my mind in awhile. Young atheists and more so with other peoples view on us. I kind of get annoyed when people look at me and think my disbelief in god is an angsty teenage phase but off course I am a little older than most of the kids that get this criticism of this sort which is also why it has been a while. I do not mean to come off like " adults don't understand" but it gets annoying when people belittle your opinions just because you were born later . If your wondering how this started well something happened yesterday that has not happened in awhile is that someone in person that I did not know challenged my ideas.
I was at speedway getting some gas and while I was pumping on the opposite side a man started talking to me. At first he thought I was a satanist cause I have long hair and where some obscure t-shirts. I redirected and corrected him saying that I am an atheist. He replied with " oh so you don't believe in anything." and then with " oh well i bet its a phase kids are rebellious." Its actually been awhile since I have had a face confrontation with someone about the subject I actually enjoyed it. I retorted with " Well I am not some moronic teenager who just wants to show his parents what for!" " I do not believe in nothing I just don't believe in god and I would say it is a lot better than believing in falsehoods and ignoring the hypocrisy and bullshit in my religion." I like pissing off the disrespectful christians the ones that have no idea what there talking about. I do enjoy debating with ones that have some answers but thats another thing. Anyway I went inside and paid then left the gas station. He did try to respond to me but in the end it did not really matter I just ignored him did not have the time to have an argument at a gas station.
Things like that do not really anger me but it is somewhat annoying but then again it is pretty rare nowadays. I use to get that kind of crap when I was 15 not very long ago but things were different back then. At that time I live in mississippi. I was there for about 2 years not very long but man did I have fun with proving the theists wrong down there. Most of time it was kids who were pretty simple when it came to that sort of thing they knew there religion but did not know how to defend it well. Some were really stupid and annoying others were smart but never really presented a good argument. That was like 1 of the 3 good things down there.

Was not much of a debate though but it was fun to see him get angry. not much else to say I guess.

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Comment by Ian on December 16, 2009 at 8:18pm
Good to hear that you stand your ground, Sam. By the way, your writing is interesting but on your home page it is really hard to read because of the red on black color contrast.

If you were upset at being told you don't believe anything, I suspect your assailant would be more upset if you pointed out that a Christian will believe anything.
Comment by Victoria's View on November 27, 2008 at 9:39pm
Stupid people are everywhere. I was talking yesterday to girl who thought the world worked through Karma, obviously no science behind THATargument. I said "What about all the starving people in Africa at the moment. What the fuck did they do." They must have done something in their previous life . She looked me straight in the eye and said that! I don't meet too many people that go to church here (apparently there are, just never spoken to them...luck I guess). The stupid people I meet talk to dead people.. It worries me how we are going to get to enlightment if people just make things up and sheeple follow.



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