So I am getting so fucking tired of neo-conservative, right-wing christian assholes trying to destroy education and try to rewrite history. Not only did the Texas Board of Education implement intelligent design and "Teach the Controversy" rhetoric into schools in an attempt to dismiss facts and science, they now want to change the history books so that, "We can teach about the tea party protests to show the backlash against Obama". So the great state of Texas is now dominating the rest of this country with education. I could sit here and curse you and I for not letting them secede years ago, but that won't be of much help. So with out resorting to violence, here are three things I ask you to do.

1.) write to the Texas legislature and ask them to keep politics out of education, and get rid of the current intelligent design standards.

2.) If you are a teacher, keep teaching science and facts without religion applied.

3.) If you are a history teacher, mention why we keep religion and government separate.

4.) If you have done 2 & 3, and have gotten into legal trouble, please contact the ACLU. Remember Dover v. Kitzmiller, yeah the creationists got railed pretty hard.

5.) Punch a christian in the face. Ok that might be the real definition of what a militant atheist is, and I am half joking. But if a christian is so damn tired of "Liberal/Darwin" bias, please kindly ask them why teaching an alternative to science is better than teaching actual science. If they start giving religious reasons, find a logic book, and beat the living shit out of them... figuratively speaking of course.

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