Ok, so my family is christian but they are also very supersticious. They believe in ghost and voodoo and all that crazy stuff. Well just yesterday i was talking to my sister and she was telling me about how my dead grandmother came to her in a dream to tell her that she was cursed by our step great grandmother and thats why she died. my sister went on to say that they where getting ride of all the blessed oils and candles that they had just incase they where also cursed or whatever. i didnt even know what to say. i mean what are you suppose to say to something like that? its crazy. They believe that if your foot is swept with ta broom that if you dont spit on it you will have bad luck. My family holds all these supersticions and they take them very serious. i dont know what to say to them when they are telling me these things. i dont believe in all that stuff so i feel awkward when they talk about it.

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