Oklahoma State Senato Josh Brecheen is at it again.

OK State SEN Josh Brecheen has shown his hand before in the Statehouse. He is well known for acting like the Great State of Oklahoma is nothing more than his huge 77 county church.
Let me first say, I agree and support SEN Brecheen's right to worship as he pleases. I am glad he chooses to exercises his right to have a devout religious faith. I also and aware that his church as well as many others are tax payer supported institution by virtue of being tax free, which I do not support.
I am also aware that in addition to SEN Brecheen's elected voice he has a public platform in "The Durant Daily Democrat" where he publishes various OP-EDs on different subjects. With this said, SEN Brecheen's voice is far from being stifled. He had legal and press access that most of us will never have.

IN addition to his access to so many people with his ideas he has the same rights as a resident of Oklahoma and a citizen of The United States that those of us that live in the 77 counties of Oklahoma have.

So SEN Brecheen is by no means on the short end of the stick when we are dealing with his ability to express his views and to practice his rights.

Where it seems SEN Brecheen goes off the rail is where he thinks his rights and beliefs are superior to other Oklahomans and Americans that do not share his particular faith or religion.

This is the second time in a little over two years that SEN Brecheen has brought up a similar bill. I would assume that as long as he is in office or until this bill passes he will continue to do so. That is his right as a duly elected senator of Oklahoma.

However, it is illegal. This matter was basically settled in the 1925 in the Dayton, TN trial of The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes.

And in ever single case that this has brought it forth the creationist, "intelligent design" or any other idea based upon anything other than science has been ruled against in the courts.

The whole issue is these advocates want the diminish science and place their religious belief ahead of facts. If that is what you personally believe, fine, You can even teach it 7 days a week in your home or church. But in a public school, you must let the experts in the fields be the ones who determine the curriculum.

Would it make sense to use faith based math in a math class? Or faith based grammar in an English class? Or a faith based lesson in foreign language classes? Right now, Today, in every public school, creation can be taught legally. It can be taught as part of a philosophy class and NOT be made a required class.

So why doesn't SEN Brecheen want it taught legally? Because he is motivated to elevate his persona view about the views of the experts in the curriculum.

I appeal to SEN Brecheen to find a way to recognize that we are a state and a nation of many faiths and no-faiths, if you wish to promote you religion, please feel free, but do so legally and morally responsibly.

Not even all Christians share this view of SEN Brecheen and with that in mind, the professional educators and experts in the fields of study should be the ones we promote to make the best educational material for the students.

Lastly, remember both the Constitution of The United States and of Oklahoma prohibit teaching religion in the classroom via case law.

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