On miracles, magic and supernatural physics

I set aside an hour and a half and watched the Thunderf00t/Ray Comfort discussion, and it got me thinking about the relationship between magic and miracles. I've never, as an adult, believed in either magic or miracles, but for some reason, I'd never really thought about comparing and contrasting them until I saw it.

Here's my consideration of the relations between magic, miracles, gods and physics:


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Comment by Scott on July 29, 2009 at 10:54am
I use this approach when dealing with the overtly religious and it usually garners a ponderous moment before their anger at having been made a hypocrite flares up! LOL. On the serious side, how do people support their belief in a system that involves magic and suprnatural experinces if they do not believe it themselves?
Comment by Paul Tourville on July 29, 2009 at 9:48am
Scott -- Nice! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)
Comment by Scott on July 29, 2009 at 9:38am
Hey Paul, this topic reminds of a story I like to use to test the average "believer". I travel to Costa Rica frequently to surf and it so happens I had got into a discussion with a believer who did not know that I am an atheist ( I think it was at an AA/NA meeting ) anyway I embellished my recollection of the trip to set up the believer for a big fall. I related how on the return trip my friends and I stopped in a small village in Mexico to spend the night. The following morning wwhile getting gas, drinks and such we saw an older woman crying and crossing herself and my friend happened to speak Spanish so he asked her what was wrong. The woman says that overnight one of her milk cows had died and that the man outside had brought it back to life! Sure enogh when we investigate the scene their is a man talking to this cow! My friend starts talking to him and he says he is the son of god and has come for his people and to spread theword. Anyway, I asked the believer about this at the AA/NA meeting and he said the man was a raving lunatic and that if he had been there he would have beat his ass! Then he went on an on about how people are always claiming to witness miracles and that they should be punished! I could not take it any more so I replied "Wow, I wish there would have been more people like you around when the disciples were making all these fabulous claims about the divinity of jesus!" Needless to say, the discussion ended there. It goes to show that even the believers dont really believe this fairy tale!



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