On Obama Birthers and the Obama Citizenship Conspiracy

If you've been living under a rock since the 2008 Presidential Election, you may need the following information.

In the United States we have a stupid, fucking, unjustified Constitutional stipulation that dictates that only US Citizens who are citizens by birth are eligible for the office of the President. Whether not you agree with it, it is the law.

Now, since Barack Obama has become the President there are those who still cannot come to terms with election and have since taken to grasping at the stringiest of straws to try and find any justification to not call a black man, "President." One of these straws is that Barack Obama was not born in the US, that he was not a natural US Citizen, and he is therefore ineligible for the office he now holds.

The Obama Campaign posted a copy of his birth certificate on their website when the allegations first appeared, they took it down after the election, a copy can be found hosted on the LA Times, website here:

You'd think that the controversy would end there, wouldn't you. You would think that with that degree of unequivocal and indisputable evidence, the conspiracy would end. You would think that with that absolute proof of his birth in Hawaii, they would go home and just be racist in the quiet of their home -- we should all be so lucky.

If you have something against excessive profanity, I suggest you stop reading here.

Fuck. Is this how little we've moved? How can one say something so blatantly stupid and still manage to walk and breathe at the same time. Honestly, how they tie their shoes without a manual in front of them is beyond me.

I don't fucking get it, I can't wrap my head around. How can people be so willfully stupid? The evidence is, quite literally, in their face, right in their stupid face.

Sometimes I hear these fucking idiots shouting, even in god damned San Francisco, with signs bearing the Kenyan birth certificate of one Barack Hussein Obama -- President Obama's father -- saying it's proof that Obama is not a citizen -- it isn't. It's proof of their own stupidity and intellectual numbness to actually looking for facts beyond that which confirms their own biases.

I wouldn't be so pissed if this was just a small group of pig-idiot racists in the corner of some stupid place somewhere, but they're everywhere. They're in congress, for fuck's sake. In some ways I can understand why the Republicans don't say, "hey, cut that shit out," and in some ways I don't. This is fucking bullshit.

It's the same idiocy with the 9/11 Truth fucks who, in the face of all scientific evidence to the contrary, still want to believe that it was an inside job. That the actual conspiracy and plot doesn't satisfy them baffles me. That the editors of Popular Science Magazine had to sit at a table with three fucks who didn't know science from their assholes, and actually debated those idiots with some dumb fuck lay person moderating is an insult to intelligence.

It's the same mental defect that makes idiots think we didn't land on the moon. That the whole damned thing was faked.

But never mind that. Let's put the evidence aside for just a second. Does one really think that the government could cover this shit up? Does one really think that there isn't one sleezy politician looking to make a buck on a book deal with evidence to vindicate any one of these stupid shit conspiracies?

Let's face a few facts; these are the same dumb fucks who couldn't cover petty theft and breaking and entering during Watergate. These are the same dumb fucks who couldn't cover up a cum stain on a dress. These are the same dumb fucks who couldn't find god damned weapons in a god damned war zone and somehow, some fucking way, I'm expected to believe that they've managed to fake 47 years worth of records? They masterminded the most violent act of homicide since the millennium? They cajoled hundreds of scientists and engineers into a big elaborate lie? -- and that NO ONE has any conclusive evidence whatsoever?

Now I'm all for free speech, I'm all for letting this people think and say and do whatever stupid dumb shit they feel like, in this particular case the Obama Birthers, and when they do I can't help but exercise my own right to scream, "SHUT UP! SHUT YOUR STUPID MOUTH AND JUST BE A RACIST! NO ONE IS BUYING YOUR SHIT BUT YOU! STOP TRYING TO LEGITIMIZE IT, JUST BE A RACIST AND BE DONE WITH IT!"

I mean good fucking god. To think that their vote counts as much as mine (and in some states more than mine) is a fucking disgrace.

If you had stopped reading above, you may continue here.

What is it that drives someone to such willful idiocy. I suspect it's the same kind of impetus that makes people religious.

When in the face of even the most concrete evidence, they latch on to even the thinnest and weakest of strings instead of standing on the hard rock of facts.

Why people even consider, much more choose, intellectual suicide is far beyond my ability to even ponder.

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