Ok, I know I don't like getting into vocabulary wars, but I love language. I love language too much to let this keep going on.

Stop calling the Blasphemy Challenge the Blasphemy Challenge. Yes, I know what they mean, but please stop calling it the Blasphemy Challenge.

What the Blasphemy Challenge is is not blasphemy.

Blasphemy is the objectionable use of a religious name or practice.

On a side not: Heresy is teaching as religious doctrine something that is not religious doctrine.

If the Blasphemy Challenge consisted of a prayer along the lines of:

"Our Father, Heavenly King
Stop watching me masturbate,
You fucking pervert


P.S. I know you don't exist"

I wouldn't have a problem with it. But that's not the Blasphemy Challenge. The Blasphemy Challenge is an open denial of God's existence, but that is not blasphemy.

Call it the Atheist Challenge or Daring God or the Denial Challenge, but not the Blasphemy Challenge.

I know that language is evolving, but when words haven't yet lost all meaning I think it's in our interest to salvage them. Lest we suffer such beautiful words as "blasphemy" and "heresy" to die in utter meaninglessness.

It's bad enough that "theory" is now indistinguishable from "guess," can we at least keep "blasphemy" straight.

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Comment by Louis on August 2, 2009 at 12:16am
oh awesome, if I could get that bigger I'd make it my desktop background
Comment by Louis on July 31, 2009 at 5:58pm
So close to an actual Haiku, 7/7/5. That was totally unintentional but still very awesome.

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