I do not watch much TV, I do not like most of it; apart from the news and few enough sitcoms to count on one hand, everything I watch is intended to give me some new piece of information I did not have before.

Typically it isn't useful, but at the very least it is insightful.

This being summer and me being a student, I've had much more time to watch TV than I ever wanted and I've begun to notice some things.

Finding intelligent programming has become significantly more difficult. Some channels have consistently good programing: e.g. National Geographic, Military (I know what I'm getting), Science, and a few others.

One thing that's started to disturb me is the amount of uninsightful and down right brain numbing drivel on two channels I used to love: Discovery and History.

I mean serious, what the hell do Ice Trucking and Swamp Logging have to do with History? Honestly. I do not see the line. In fact, I don't care about either of those. I don't think either of those deserves more than one episode, if that. There isn't anything about it that merits the amount of time dedicated to it on a weekly basis.

Give me another documentary on the Roman Empire, give me the SAME documentary on the Roman Empire; give me something about HISTORY, if that's not too much to ask of the HISTORY CHANNEL.

Some of that crap is just slightly more tolerable on the Discovery Channel. The Discovery Channel has some of that. A show I love, Dirty Jobs, is very insightful and at the very least interesting; the base humor of Mike Rowe aside (which I actually think is a nice touch) the show itself shows aspects of life I would never have been exposed to otherwise. I walk away able to say to myself, "That was worth the time."

Mythbusters is another fantastic show, though it's scientific rigor is weak; it's infinitely more scientific than any other show ever and is always interesting and very insightful.

There are several others, but the good things are not the focus of this post. There is a show on Discovery that I absolutely hate: "A Haunting."

-- a show -- about ghosts --

Ghosts, on the Discovery Channel. One show, one episode, even a miniseries I could tolerate; but a fucking series that is on all through the god damned mid day is too much. Who the hell at Discovery thought that a show about ghosts would be a good idea?

How could they allow Les Stroud to end his Survivorman Series while pay Bear Grylls for his fake survival show? I've looked into the techniques on Man vs. Wild, most of it is down right dangerous. If your goal is to die, then go ahead and do what he advises.

I mean, what the hell? Honestly, if I wanted to watch idiots with conflicting personalities go at it I'd watch Big Brother. I do not need Big Brother in my Discovery Channel or my History Channel or anywhere else but the festering pool of idiocy where it is born. If I wanted to watch people eat bull penis and maggots I'd watch Survivor. If I wanted to watch idiots misuse measuring devices to "prove" that ghosts exist, I'd watch Sci-fi (no, I don't care that it's now Syfy) because at the very least there is the word "FICTION" as an operative part of the title.

I can not believe how hard it is to even find something passively informative.

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