There is a view that is widely held in the atheist community that atheists are critical thinkers, freethinkers, scientifically minded, sensible people who are both liberated from taboo and practical, down-to-earth pragmatists.

This is complete and utter horseshit. It can be true. In my experience though, many atheists are just
people with one less stupid idea than theists. I admit that when I came across
the Atheist Nexus I was quietly hopeful that the thinking here would be that
bit clearer and more sensible. In some cases it certainly is, there are so good
thinkers here, but in general, the level of illogical, defensive, muddled
thinking is not much above average. I knew intellectually that atheism in no
way even suggests that this should not be the case but I still held out a
little hope.

The worst thing about irrational, ill-considered bullshit or rhetoric from an
atheist is that they are often labouring under the opinion that they are
"freethinkers", rational and logical. For the most part, the only
thing I can say that seems collective to me about atheists is that they are
almost (almost, not entirely) all contrarians. The only consensus that is ever
reached is about how superior atheists are to theists. An axe that needs
grinding has come to the right place. (And yes I do get the irony of this

The amount of times that arguments here are down to reading comprehension as
much as actual points being made is bordering on shocking. I am definitely
guilty of the presumption that the IQ range would be generally above average amongst

Note: There are some exceptional thinkers on here, I am not suggesting that
everyone here matches the description above, it is just depressingly prevalent

I have been wondering for a while now (several years) if atheism might not just be the
rebellion du jour amongst young contrarians? Anyone else
think this might be case? Or not?

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