One Nation, Over God: A Lecture By Aaron Bissell

I just want to say, throughout this, I talk about mostly about the Christian religion since that is the one I researched the most.

So, lets cover the basics of religion. Now, I understand that people WAY back then would believe such things as a sun god, a moon god sky god etc. They didn't have modern science. So, they just made up certain stories. Many people from different cultures made up there own gods (well, Christians just picked certain things from other religions and changed names and places.) So, naturally you would think as science got better, these stories would disappear...I wish. Now, people call the USA a Christian Nation (which is not true, some of the founding fathers were atheists / agnostics.) People today still believe there should be prayer in school (I cringe at the very idea.) It is very scary to me that millions of people, think they KNOW what happens when you die. In truth NO ONE really knows. Millions of people also think they KNOW how the world was created and how it will end. Man, I didn't know they were around back then. But, if I tell a religious person that, they'll  just say "Well, it's in this book, it says it's true so it must be." REALLY? Let's test that little theory, shall we? If I handed a Christian  a Qur'an and told them it was real, I think they would say something like "NO! Only my God is the true God!" Now, of course I realize, not every religious person is that insane. I realize that people like the comfort of knowing they'll go to a better place after death. And really, as long as there not shoving there beliefs down mine or anyone else's throat, killing or hurting others I guess that's fine.

The problem I have with religion, is that there really isn't much evidence for it. Only a book that your shoving in my face. That doesn't make me believe it, if anything it turns me off from religion.

Now, let's talk the biggest inconsistency with the bible (in my mind anyway.) Is that God says "If you love me, you will go to a great place called heaven. If you don't love me, you will roast in hell." WAIT! Do you really love people if your willing to do that to them? While we are on the topic of inconsistencies  with the bible, let's talk about 3 horrible things that has happened to us. Just to name 3



The Mason Family Murders

Why would a "loving" God put us in such chaos? I even asked a priest this, and he said "It is to show others helping them." I thought to my self well, can't God show it in a different way? Also, what about people with disabilities? Why did God have to "create" them like that? What kind of God would put my two brothers in wheelchairs? Most religious people say it is because my mom is an atheist. God, your an egotistical, conceded asshole. Wouldn't God care about everyone and not care about beliefs, race, who you love etc. That's another thing, why are religious people against same sex marriage? God supposedly "made" them that way. Why does God want to kill the people he created? Now, my grandmother Velda would say "God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!" HOLD ON! A moment a go, you were telling me God created everyone and everything. So, obviously, God must have ADHD and made a tiny error. BUT! God I thought was supposed to be perfect...guess not.

Now, believe it or not, religion isn't ALL bad. I do think the reason Velda has been able to live so long (she is 88 as I write this) the reason why? She puts all her trust in God. While I am grateful she is still alive of course, I wish people would grow up and take control of there own lives. Mommy and Daddy aren't there to take care of you anymore, grow up.

Something I get often is "What if I'm wrong?" I say to them "What if your wrong about some magical sky daddy watching us, you have wasted your whole life believing a fairy tail for grown ups.

People also ask me "What if you are wrong and you see God before you and he asks why I didn't believe in him?" My response is "Well God, you should answer that your self. You made me this way, why did you make me a skeptic?"

In conclusion, while religion isn't all bad, it is still something we could do with out. There would less wars, arguments and violence. I don't think religion is the cause for all war and arguments of course, but it is the cause of some. If you are religious, I am not by any means trying to change your mind at all, in fact I would be opposed if you all of the sudden became an atheist (as I am) just because of me. All I need you to do, is think for a moment.

I hope one day, religion will disappear, and we will all be able to think for our selves, and grow up. I will leave you with these words from Richard Dawkins, "No doubt soaring cathedrals, stirring music, moving stories and parables help a bit. But by far the most important variable determining your religion is the accident of birth."



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