One reason for atheism is coming into contact with a variety of religions.

It isn’t unusual for an atheist to have been raised in a religious household and to have grown up living with the assumption that their religious tradition represented the One True Faith. However, after learning more about other religious traditions, this same person may adopt a much more critical attitude towards his own religion and even religion generally, eventually coming to reject not only the religion but also belief in the existence of any gods.

My own experience 
In my younger days, when I was in St. John's Boarding School in Ranchi, India, I was surrounded by Jesuit priests and they never wasted a second without reminding me of the ludicrous aspects of Hinduism, viz., the monkey faced demigod cum superman called Hanuman who could fly over the ocean like geese and carry a mountain on his forefinger, an elephant headed Ganesh riding on a mouse, a ten headed demon called Ravan, a goddess called Durga with 8 pairs of hands & a four headed Brahma who is supposed to have created the universe. Same time they didn't forget to drive home the point that Christianity was much saner.

Much later however, I discovered some ludicrous aspects in Christianity as well. Christians are not stupid, but they sure are gullible. Either that, or they have absolutely no common sense when it comes to using logic to analyze their beliefs about the invisible magic guy who gives them their wonderful morals in support of genocide, slavery, subjugation of women, cruelty toward others, and even the stoning of children.

When I had grown up, I posed the following questions to some of my Christian friends who were flummoxed by them:

• Why did the Christian God have to make Eve from a rib, instead of making her from clay (as he did for creating Adam) or simply snapping his fingers and saying abracadabra?

• Why did the Christian God instruct Noah to make an ark, when the Christian God could have just as easily slaughtered all the people on Earth with a magic stroke of his hand? (Wouldn’t that have made his existence less doubtful instead of having to account for the crazy logic problems the ark creates?)

• Why did the Christian God have to create a son to be tortured on the cross as himself, in order to save his own creations from his own wrath?

• Why did the Christian God bother to create distant galaxies millions of light years away that humans will never know about or experience?

• If a boy gets hit by a meteor while walking to school, did the Christian God launch or know about the launch of the meteor and its trajectory thousands of year ago? If the Christian God did know about the meteor, wouldn’t he have had thousands of years of advance knowledge to move the boy out of the impact zone? Was “God’s plan” to launch that meteor all those millennia ago to kill the boy or does the Christian God simply work in mysterious ways?

Either way, the boy died and the Christian God either knew about the boy’s death for centuries or allowed it to happen without saving him.

Those Christian friends were tongue-tied but fortunately they didn't take offense since they were not fundamentalists. So our friendship survived. It occurred to me that Logic and Christianity have no common ground. Same with my Hinduism.

My conclusions
I realized then that all religions were mere fairy tales and have no correspondence whatsoever with reality. All of them claim to be the only true religion but they are so contradictory to each other. I decided that if all of them cannot be true, all of them can certainly be false.

Have you ever wondered why there are so many religions ( Anthropologists say that there are right now 4200+ living religions in the world, around 20 of which are major religions) telling us about the secrets of the universe, life and man but there is only one Universal Science which does the same?

Simply because regarding any one concept, truth can only be one but there can be many lies.


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Comment by Michael Penn on July 16, 2017 at 2:39am

He's more than that, Cat. Nobody on earth could possibly have any morality without this god, and it appears we could not have any laws either. Many of his followers think that court houses should be adorned with commandments, the first of which is "thou shalt not have any gods before me." The fear is that this god will get jealous and maybe kill them also. In fact, it says in his book that his name is Jealous. You never know when he will reform the sinners or just kill them.

Comment by Grinning Cat on July 8, 2017 at 9:42pm

• Why did the Christian God instruct Noah to make an ark, when the Christian God could have just as easily slaughtered all the people on Earth with a magic stroke of his hand? 

The magical, powerful Christian God could just as easily reformed the sinners he was so angry at, and not killed anyone! According to the flood story, that god not only chose the much more difficult course of action, he chose genocide. Yet his followers hold him up as the ultimate moral example!

Comment by Joan Denoo on July 8, 2017 at 12:13pm

I lived on an Army military post, Ft. Hood, Tx. near Killeen Tx. in the early 1970s where I took classes at Central Tx Community College. One class was an overview of world religions, taught by a professor of religion who came from Baylor U. of Waco TX, a Baptist college, to teach the class. Many of my co-students were military men and women and their spouses. They come from just about every corner of the Earth, some born there and some served in the military there. My seat-mate and coffee buddy was a military wife, born in India, raised a Hindu, and learning about her husband's traditions. She was excited to be able to learn about Christianity at first; as the semester progressed, she became more angry, expressing her anger at our after-class coffee sessions. 

The Baptist Christian professor made fun of and expressed disdain for every other world religion except his own. He was clearly an evangelical Baptist Christian whose intent was to demonstrate how all other religions were worthy of ridicule; the smart students would convert to Baptist. 

I wish I had been smart enough to complain to the college and to the military chaplains, but I was a mealy-mouthed coward in those early days. If that were to happen today, I would very happily speak out against the evangelical nature of such a professor and feel responsible and comfortable doing so. 

Comment by Compelledunbeliever on July 8, 2017 at 10:28am

There are indeed many truths. In America if you ask someone what color is a stop sign the automatic answer is "red". It is said to show something is completely obvious. In truth the back side is usually a silver metallic color this makes up 50 percent of the sign. The word stop is in white, combined with the white border of the sign the white part of the sign is about 10 percent. This leaves us with only about 40 percent of the sign being red. Scientists now make the point that color does not indeed exist, that it is simply how we describe how we perceive wave lengths.

So is a stop sign really red?  If we take this further and apply it to religion we can say that there are many truths. However none of the perceived truths of religion make gods real.  Thank you for your post. You always provoke thought.



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