One year until my atheism bites me in the ass

That is to say, I will be graduating in June 2012 with a Masters of Education in Life sciences and Chemistry and will hopefully be able to find a job teaching somewhere.  There were about 5 job openings for science teachers in the Dayton area this summer, but how many people entered the job market as a science teacher?  Will next year be any better?


Can an open atheist get hired to teach high school in Ohio?  That's a good question, and one I don't have a good answer to.  I have been debating changing my user information here so it is not so clearly me, but even my Facebook account makes it pretty darn clear where I stand.  I can lock that to friends only, but at some point it will come out (maybe my atheist and humanist and equal rights bumper stickers?)


Question is: should I hide this account by changing the name on it?  Personally, it makes me feel like a coward, but I also don't want to leave my wife and I without an income...any more so than me being back in school has already done.  So, do I continue to stand up for my views and beliefs, or do I hide them and hope it doesn't come up? 


For the record, there are a lot of religious people in my program.  A LOT.  Now, I know that at least one has spoken out for religious tolerance for teachers, but how many more feel that way?  I know that the education field is fairly religious, and I know there will be plenty of religious school boards itching to smack down evolution in my classroom and point to my lack of religiosity as to why I can't be "fair and balanced" so what should I do?


Hide?  Or stand tall?

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Comment by John Secular Smith on July 21, 2011 at 6:45am

I can't move out of Ohio just yet as my wife is in med school here.  Additionally, her residency might end up here as well.  And, amazingly to some I'm sure, I actually LIKE Ohio.  I've lived here most of my adult life, and my friends and family are here. 


The point about having a recording with me is a good one, and I might just do that.  Today is a "test run" to see if anyone in my class will say anything about my Atheist Nexus t-shirt and humanist laptop.  Small data sample, for sure, but it is a start.


And Cliff, I was raised a freethinker, although we didn't use that terminology in my house growing up.  I doubt my parents would have even known what it meant.



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