We all know of the common misconception about atheists/secularists: that we're all angry, bitter and hopelessly pessimistic. Such a generalization is as tenuous as any other, but that said, I feel there are a lot of pessimists walking around these days, no matter their personal philosophy. I'd surmised that I'd end up a pessimist as well, but I find that, as I advance in years, my negativity recedes more and more. That isn't to say I've become jovially naive, but I'm less likely to sneer and jeer the older I get.

This isn't without reason. One of those reasons is a columnist named Kathleen Parker. Formerly a conservative writer (she's much more centrist now), her opinions are sane, rational, and incisive. She placates to no one, and yet remains amiable and respectful. This particular column of hers: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2009/04/christians_at_the_gate.html illustrates my veneration of her; not simply because of her secularist message, but also the maturity with which she relays the message to those whom she otherwise extols.

The above-linked article is a wonderful example of rationality, and that's what supplants my optimism.

Please read it and tell me if you agree.


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Comment by greyfoot on April 13, 2009 at 11:20am
Yeah, I don't agree with her on a number of issues, either, but I must say, that's what makes me trust her. I don't subscribe to a political party any longer. I once belonged to the left, but I feel they've become just as detrimental to this nation as the right. If you look back in the archives to a few months ago, Sydni, you'll see an interesting post titled "Does the Christian Right exist?" It asks if the left is any LESS influenced by religion than the right. I've come to find that specific political parties aren't the problem...it's ALL of them. Because, eventually, they all turn into a religion, and religion is the REAL problem.

Dallas, I agree. Moore and any other "moral majority" person isn't to be entirely trusted, but I do have hope for religious people who DO see that religion belongs nowhere near politics.

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