Organized religion becomes a business model to some degree

Organized religion becomes a business model. It is human nature in organizations. The organization has a life and appetite of its own. It requires material things to sustain the members and mark meeting places. The members contribute to sustain and enlarge the organization.

There is always danger that some members may see their fellow "Believers" as marks for self-gain. With clever manipulation and conspiracy, the belief by followers in external power may be invested in the organizers and perpetuators called leaders. Ultimately, those leaders may crave personal control.

The willing belief in a "Devine" external power by followers may become the acceptance of, and then consent to, manipulation in the interest of the Organization over the Individual. This poses a danger of the interest of a few individuals putting their Individual interests over those of the Organization. There is Individual Religion, and there is Organized Religion with its moral hazards.

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