Our Right to Religious Intolerance.

Listen up theists, mocking or criticizing your religion is not "intolerance."

You have never been shy about preaching to everyone how wrong/immoral/destructive it is to not believe in your God and your

I defend your right to hold those opinions, but don't cry intolerance and victimization when we voice ours too.

Disagreement is not intolerance and being offended is no excuse.

You don’t have a right to NOT be offended.


Outspoken atheists do not promote laws to discriminate against people based on
their nature, sexual habits, or belief systems.
You however are behind proposed legislation all over the world to make it illegal to
even criticize your beliefs.

Nobody is trying to prevent you from going to church every weekend, or praying quietly instead of
actually DOING something to help, or from indoctrinating your children
without their consent into an ideology long before they have the logical
processes to differentiate between fact and fiction.
No one is trying to silence you, or take away your crazy convictions when you say
that the earth is only 6000 years old.

We are just trying to keep it out of our schools, our laws and our governments.
We may mock you for believing in unsupported and hateful nonsense like talking
snakes, murdering sassy children, denying science and being far too
voyeuristically involved with judging our sex lives (and orientation),
but we won't prevent you from believing this stupid shit. In fact most
thinking secularists (like the ACLU) have repeatedly defended your right
to believe in whatever crazy misogynistic, hateful, immoral, murderous
magic men that you wish.

So cut the crying about being such a victim.

You don’t believe that you are a victim of intolerance and neither do we.

With your opinions all over TV, song, language, posters, on your jewelery, bumper stickers, national anthems,
with your reps knocking on our doors, your charities spending half their
time proselytizing instead of helping, and with your steeples of
indoctrination littering our skyline you are clearly free to believe as
you wish and to push it on whomever you please.
All that we ask is that you keep it out of our schools, and out of our laws. Morality is
not learned from religion, and it is not up to you to decide for the
rest of us or impose your unsupported beliefs on us through legislation.

Don’t force the REST of us to be the victims of YOUR religion by forcing it
into our lives through government.

Just as you have the right to believe whatever foolishness you want to believe, we have the right to

And that is not intolerance.

Intolerance is preventing people from doing harmless things merely because it goes
against your beliefs.

Intolerance is attempting to force others to love Jane instead of Jim, or marry Bob instead of Barbara.

Intolerance is condemning people for not believing as you do.

Intolerance is retarding your children’s intellectual growth by teaching them denial
of scientific fact for fear of them deciding for themselves.

Intolerance is threatening children by telling them they will be tortured forever
if they don’t believe as you do or hate the same people you do.

Intolerance is threatening our lives for pencil drawings.

So we reserve the right to publicly disagree whenever you make hateful and harmful claims
like this.
We also reserve the right to criticize the "moderate" believers that give cover for the harmful ones.
You know, the ones who claim that their moderate nature allows them freedom from critique
for making silly claims.
The ones who normalize belief in the impossible and unsupported.

Make sense?

Don’t like being mocked though? I can understand that.

Sadly it is like anything else, if you say something stupid, you may have to pay an immediate

Ill concealed laughter and mocking.

Here is a simile to assist you in avoiding being mocked for believing silly things
or for trying to push your unsupported beliefs on others. If you live
your life by this, you will avoid being mocked and ridiculed for silly
claims and beliefs.

Pay attention…..

Religion is like genitalia;
Keep it to yourselves and out of the faces of our children.

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Comment by J Burgoyne on May 24, 2010 at 11:08pm
Yes Tom. This is a blog that was originally on my open atheist blog at atheist evolution. I know that there are no theists here.

Phil, well said

I don't respect nor tolerate any ideology that can't show why it is valid and actually proves to be harmful and false in many ways.

Why would religion be any different?

I wouldn't discriminate or ask that laws be created to harm them or their beliefs, but I certainly call them on it when harmful or unsubstantiated beliefs are put forward.
Comment by Tak G. on May 22, 2010 at 12:36pm
Comment by Mieu on May 22, 2010 at 11:32am

I would say that mocking religion is a sort of disrespect, but certainly not intolerance.

We surely need and have to tolerate religious people and what they do, unless they put other people's rights at risk. But we should not have to "respect" anything they say or do. In fact, we should not "respect" anything any people say or do. I can criticize what you say or do, and you can criticize mine. Fair trade ^_^
Comment by Tom Thompson on May 22, 2010 at 8:21am
"Listen up theists..."

Um, there are no theists here.
Comment by L.Hunter on May 21, 2010 at 11:12pm



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