At a ratio of 78 KIA's in warzone from Boston...
compared to upwards of 3000?! OD's in Boston/or state of Mass.
insane. this docu is heavy hitting, just lettin' ya know:

comment from url:
This is a situation that is hurting so many. Kids are losing parents, parents are losing children, husbands and wives are losing spouses, brothers and sisters losing eachother....I could go on and on. I lost a spouse to suicide because of an oxy addiction. If you are hooked get help, don't put more families through this, if you are selling it or prescribing it irresponsibly you have caused death just as much as if you handed a gun to someone and encouraged them to use it on themselves. Be ashamed of yourself if you feel good about making money on someone elses life..

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Comment by Daniel W on September 13, 2011 at 9:30am

Oxycontin was pushed onto the medical community by pain activists and dishonest marketing by its manufacturer Purdue Pharma, who claimed that it was nonaddicting due to being slow release.  It actually had a biphasic release pattern, resulting in a highly addictive euphoric effect.   Even people who used it appropriately were/are addicted.   The marketing was fraudulent.  It was interesting that when a generic came out, Purdue Pharma too over that manufacturer to take the generic off the market, to funnel profits back to Purdue Pharma.  


Meanwhile pain activists went around to medical groups, hospitals, and offices, claiming that pain was undertreated, doctors who did not maximize narcotics, any narcotic, were bad to evil, and that newer, safer products like oxycontin eliminated concerns for addicition.


For the person with chronic pain, they never intended to become addicted, they just wanted their pain managed.  Getting off of oxycontin and onto something safer can require weeks to months of effort with doctors and pain specialists.  It's very hard, which is why some people turn to heroin.  It's also the reason why some doctors are now forced to drug test their patients - you are prescribing a narcotic and it's not in their urine - why?  because they are selling it.  Or you are prescribing a narcotic and the wrong ones show up.  why?  misuse.  


This product needs to be taken off the market.  People with pain disorders need to be put on something different.  All narcotics have addictive potential, but there are options that are not as bad as oxycontin.  

Comment by Steph S. on September 13, 2011 at 7:48am
Sad story. Thanks for the article link.


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