Over the past months i have posted about Pakistan for several times. Especially the blasphemy laws caused and cause much trouble in this country.
The real question however is not if there is such a law and how to get rid of it but rather if such a law is backed by the people or not.

No matter what you think about such a law, if the people themselves want such a law, if the society that resides in a country is one that causes such laws then it is not the law that poses the main threat but rather the people themselves.

When i first posted about Aasia Bibi or later on when i followed with a post about the general attorney the scope of my critique was mainly the stupidity of the law and "of such people" that support it.

But since then things have gotten out of hand.(read on)

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Comment by If You Shea Show on January 18, 2011 at 4:40pm
'believe' idealogically at the very least :bow:
Comment by Tarentola Mauritanica on January 12, 2011 at 5:28am


Well i am not so sure if the reason the majority of people support such a law is only because the best have left. I find surprisingly many people here in Germany that come from Arab countries that share the same ideas like their brethren there despite supposedly being well educated and successful.


@If You Shea Show:

I would completely agree if there were no such incidents like biology text books selected by religious zealots and made mandatory for many other states (see the Texan school book market dictating what kids get to read), or religious wingnuts disguising religious doctrine and bringing forth religious motivated laws (see Bush and stem cell research and sex education)

Comment by If You Shea Show on January 11, 2011 at 9:35am
One of the things that *believe* America has done correctly is separate the church and state. I believe this frees the state's hands and strengthens the faith. Being forced to folow religious edicts by a man with a sword fails. Epic Fails. But doing what your faith dictates for no other reason epic wins. The State *is a sword* and those that live by it will die for it. In 'merica we call it 'die for your right to say so' and we al get along, because the only time the sccabbard really gets clabbered in defense of life. The rest is all taxes and health code violations.we may be "riddled with corruption" but at least we let people find their faith on their own.



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