From a facebook conversation with someone who used to work for us - The video link below was posted on his facebook page. His name has been altered to protect the guilty (From total public ridicule).
Theory spreads that virus was deliberatley engineered.

You like this.
Brian Fields at 2:48pm May 2
Hilarious... :)

******** at 4:41pm May 2
not really :|

Brian Fields at 6:19pm May 2
Of course it is - Unless you think that the government is truly that incompetent. I mean, I would think that the guys in the black suits that make the evil scientists do their work would make a far more efficient killer. You have just about as much chance to get killed by a shark as to die from the swine flu.

******** at 9:16pm May 2
ok, the gov loves you , not to worry they have only "YOUR" best interests in mind.

Brian Fields at 9:27pm May 2
Richard - it's not black or white. You are presenting a false dichotomy. Either the government is a complicated scheming group of people out to get the everyday person that is a huge threat, or they are an incompetent bureaucracy, or at least that's what you keep flip flopping between.

I don't think that the whole of government has my best or worst interests in mind - I think that most people in government are just that - People - They have jobs, they come home, they have a family.

I certainly think it's silly to presume that diseases were automatically created by the government. It's, as I said before, a hilarious proposition.

******** at 2:11am May 3
hilarious because you can't accept that our gov kills it's own. This strain of "swine flu" has already been shown by top UN scientists to be a militarized strain not something that naturally occurs. If only you used your analytical skills for something other than trying to prove the conspiracy theory of evolution you might have known that. So whatever juice they give you to put in your veins , good luck with that. As for me and mine, no way. I'm not against vaccines in general but I'm not going to be frightened/forced into them by shams like this.

Brian Fields at 8:08am May 3
Uh right... I think it's time for you to look up the phrase "paranoid delusion".

Brian Fields at 8:08am May 3
What's funny is that there are just as many people complaining that it's an Al Quaida plot as well.

Brian Fields at 8:10am May 3
Do you know the name of these "scientists", or are they unnamed sources?

Brian Fields at 8:14am May 3
I haven't been able to find a single article from ANY (let alone reputable) source to back up your claim.

Brian Fields at 8:21am May 3
Let's step this back into reality with some statistics from today.

Quoted from:

The number of H1N1 cases worldwide now stands at 787 with two additional deaths reported in Mexico, the World Health Organization announced early Sunday.
So far, 19 people in Mexico and a toddler in the United States have died from the virus.

Now, if we take for granted that Mexican health standards are far lower than ours, and that a toddler's immune system isn't as strong as a full grown adult, that's a pretty poor outcome for a so-called "weaponized" virus.

Break out the tin hats!

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Comment by Brian Fields on May 4, 2009 at 5:35am
************ at 12:10am May 4
well, I guess it's enough said if you discount indepent news just because they aren't "mainstream", and I discount the bought and payed for mainstream news because they are proven to exaggerate truths, and flat out lie. You accept condition of anonymity from mainstream news but not independant news sources. So debating is pointless because your ... Read Moremind is closed.

And I'm not making claims, and I don't care if people believe me or not. It's not me that needs to be believed, it's the facts, and they are out there for anyone who can do research that goes beyond google and wikipedia.

And what you call unreliable news sources I call completely and very reliable. You won't address the wtc7 issue because you have no logical explanation for that. well I do, they are media whores, liars, and covering something up. But i'm sure you think it was probably just a technical glitch right?

Brian Fields at 6:19am May 4
Occam's Razor. -shrug-

Brian Fields at 6:30am May 4
No wonder I couldn't find any information of CNN reporting the tower falling 20 minutes before the collapse - The conspiracy junkies report that the BBC reported it 20 minutes before the collapse.

At least get your conspiracy theories in order. In any case, back to Occam's Razor - Occam's razor is a principle by which in a field of explanations, the simplest is usually the correct one. You would ask me to believe that the news media and goverments are in cahoots to defraud the American public, and I posit that the government is normal people and that the media (regular AND wackjobs) makes mistakes, but that all news is self-correcting, in this day and age where ANYONE can report anything.

Brian Fields at 6:31am May 4
Except, the fringe folks don't want to have their news self-corrected - When mainstream news makes a mistake, they print it - The fringe guys say "No, we don't make mistakes", and hold on to their conspiracies in light of all evidence to the contrary.

Kind of a like deists... Odd that.
Comment by Jim DePaulo on May 3, 2009 at 11:54am
Richard must be living in a constant state of terror - getting a grip might be sound health advice for him. Maybe there is a 12 step program he could get into.
Comment by Brian Fields on May 3, 2009 at 11:30am
More from the funny farm:

************* at 12:23pm May 3
Why would you believe anything from the talking heads on CNN when they reported on the collapse of WTC7 20 minutes before it collapsed? good luck if you depend on CNN for information. And besides when you hear news reports and the talking head says they received their info from someone "on condition of anonymity" you don't disregard their news do you? of course not. but suddenly you want names? hypocrisy.
And , really , you need to travel outside the US to see with your own eyes how much more" advanced" the US is compared to other nations, you just might be suprised to see that we actually don't fare much better than other countries.
so to say that Mexican health standards are "far" lower than ours is funny talk that shows you never been there. Unless you think Tijuana is representative of Mexico.

Brian Fields at 12:28pm May 3
Richard - You presume I haven't traveled outside of the US. It is untrue, and I will admit that many countries have health care systems that are better than ours. Mexico isn't one of them.

Outrageous claims require outrageous evidence. You can't simply make the claim based on an unconfirmed source and expect people to believe you just because it sounds good to you. It's all rather silly.

On that basis, you could read anything you want, and then all of a sudden it's reality because it sounds familiar to you.

You accuse me of accepting the mainstream news, and discounting "he said, she said" from a completely unreliable news source (Youtube). I'm sorry, but I have to say "Guilty as charged", and rightly so. The difference is that when the mainstream media makes a big mistake, there's a large uproar about it and people are continually checking those facts - Your sources are completely unchecked.
Comment by Brian Fields on May 3, 2009 at 10:53am
Fair enough - I just have this "Holy crap, this is so wrong, I have to do what I can to correct it" mentality sometimes.

At the very least, the only slightly delusional might read what I wrote and it will prevent that meme from spreading to them.
Comment by Jim DePaulo on May 3, 2009 at 10:32am
The two most challenging individuals to debate are experts in the field being being discussed and complete delusional idiots - one's more likely to prevail with the expert.
Comment by Brian Fields on May 3, 2009 at 8:44am
I added the following comment to the above thread on Facebook:

To sum up, Even if our government were the most evil in the world (Which is possible, but I don't accept just because someone claims it), or that they do kill US citizens (Which I find hard to believe, but possible), Or that they engineered this flu (Which is still inside the realm of possibility, but doesn't logically follow from the previous two assertions AUTOMATICALLY), I would still demand evidence for any one of those claims, and just because you proved one, it doesn't mean that you proved any of the others.



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