Sorry, have not been on here in while, and this one will be a quick one.  I was recently visiting with my very religious dad. We had dinner and he, of course, said grace. Well he was anoyed that no one "echoed" when he said "amen." Made me think, dang, he is going to figure me out soon.  So far i have been trying to come off as just lazy or just mildly jaded when it comes to church, but i'm sure if he knew about the secret stash of Dawkins books hidden in my room, the poor old dude would croak.  I know, i'm much too old to be scared of my daddy, but really, what would "coming out" atheist prove? It would just piss him off, or worse, break his heart. Am i wrong to be... well, not lying, but not being totally truthful either.  Have any of you guys dealt with this? Is it better to just smile and nod and echo a few amens, or do i show up in an "I love Darwin" t-shirt and kill my dad dead on the spot? What do you all think?

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Comment by blue pashmina on August 15, 2013 at 4:56pm

 Thanks for the advice from everyone. I think for now i am going to continue to keep my atheist identity to my self around my folks.  I am not financially dependent on them, i just don't want to upset them. My mom would be less of an issue than my dad. He just is not what i would call an open-minded person. My true feelings may have to be discussed at some point, but for now i don't feel it is important.

Comment by blue pashmina on August 15, 2013 at 4:51pm

Comment by John Aultman on August 11, 2013 at 11:39am

I think you have already made your decision "I know, i'm much too old to be scared of my daddy, but really, what would "coming out" atheist prove? It would just piss him off, or worse, break his heart".  If the tables were turned what would your father do?  Would he keep quiet?Would he be afraid of offending you?

Comment by Michael Penn on August 9, 2013 at 10:30am

I'm 67 years old and in the same boat. Just realized that I'm an atheist about a year ago.

As for the "echoed" words of "amen" around the dinner table, the word simply means "so be it." Todays gullible Christians think it's a way of giving thanks for the food you have to eat when you pray over food. That may be true, but it goes much deeper really. 2000 years ago there was no refrigeration so praying to "bless this food for the nourishment of my body" also meant "I hope this shit doesn't poison or kill me." Food ( when they had it) was often fixed and kept for a few days.

Believers today take it all that without God you would have no food. Without God you would not be able to eat. You are ungreatful and a non-believer if you cannot acknowledge this. You have to be humble before the great God.

Recently talking with my stepfather about the weather, he suddenly got away from my explanations of it to say "the Bible says that in the latter part of the last days we will have crazy weather." Duh? Where does it say that? What "latter part" of last days is he talking about? He informs me that when Jebus was crucified we entered the last days, and now we are in the "latter part" of these days. He appears to think there is something nuclear and futuristic in his book of Revelation and cannot understand that Jebus was to return in the lifetime of his followers. That is, until the Christian apologists started explaining biblical errors!

So, I can't tell pop that I'm an atheist. He had me train for the ministry and he's now 84. Telling him would break his heart.



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