I recently watched a TV documentary about John Muir. The line that struck me was being out on the lake in the early evening inspires the soul. We feel part of it all, part of nature. I think that's the terrible damage religion has done to humanity. The church teaches we were created by God, and “in God's own image.” (What horseshit! When they told me that, I pictured God sitting on a toilet bowl.) They told us we're not part of nature, and in doing so did Gaia a terrible injustice.

To me, Tethys is the mother of life, not some plastic figurine of Mother Mary. (Tethys, the ocean, is the daughter of Gaia and Saturn, the Sky God.) Science teaches us life began in water, in fact our bodies are 99% water. It's what we literally are and we treat her (there's really only one ocean) like she was our cesspool. Realizing and understanding our evolutionary history, phylogeny, leads to humanism. Humans are the culmination of four billion years of very slow change.

I believe when the vast majority of humans realize this evident fact, Gaia will receive her proper love and respect, and that means living in harmony with nature first, then with each other. More than a cure for cancer, the world needs education, in particular evolutionary biology.

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Comment by Rich Goss on April 27, 2016 at 6:33pm

Loren, I stand corrected.  I meant to say 99% of every cell in the body is water. 

Bertold, who could argue that humans are the dominant life on the planet.  Metazoan life, i.e. 

As far as byproduct goes, IMO that's definitely the case.  Human thought was a result of early hominoids descending from the trees.  The East African savannas were dominated by carnivorous cats and dogs, no place for a fragile tree-dweller like an orang or gibbon. It was only through some remarkable changes, bi-pedalism for instance, that the early hominids survived.  Then tools came along and the situation changed drastically. 

Comment by Loren Miller on April 27, 2016 at 5:28pm

As it comes to water content, Rich, it's closer to 60%, per the USGS Water Science SchoolGoogle also concurs.  Please get your facts right



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