Pastors pray for the only Ghanaian Hydroelectric Dam (Akosombo Dam)

Akosombo Dam, The only Hydroelectric Dam in Ghana prayed for by group of pastors so rains come down or be restored to supply the country's energy. They believe its the devil stopping the rains. so wont look for any solutions or renewable sources of energy, they get an excuse like always its the devil and satan. Ignorance once again.

Why do we as a people sit down, watch for a Dam like this to run out of water without looking at other sources of energy knowing very well that energy is a basic necessity to life .

Today, even waste can generate and produce energy, its been proven, there's also wind power, whats your excuse ? Not going to mention nuclear energy, you cant even maintain hydroelectric, let alone nuclear power, if you don't fuel it, and it seizes to work, we all know from experience, the dangers of nuclear power, if we had it and if there was disaster, this time wont be pastors, might be Bishops, Prophet and Archbishops who will go pray for nuclear fuel , haha. as for nuclear power it's quiet dangerous and one cant even get close easily, let alone go pray on it, might explode in your face and when Bishop call Jesus, Jesus will answer, you should have known the consequences. ahahahahaha

This group of so called pastors you see in this picture appeared in the Monday, July 30, 2007 edition of The Daily Graphic ( the biggest selling newspaper here in Ghana, government controlled, i don't read it because i don't want to pay for my own oppression) from some parts of the country saying it had decided to pray regularly and fast for god to restore the water in the lake to a level that will guarantee the full supply of energy to the country reinforcing the hope expressed by the president that week that "God will not allow the Akosombo Dam to hang ".

Since i was born, i have never seen any Ghanaian president criticized in these newspapers, always praises, if it happens any president is criticized, the editor in chief will be fired within hours, all these state run organizations must be privatized so democracy can thrive )

Been wondering if the builders of this Dam prayed to god to let Dam come be there. haha

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