Pat Condell discusses freedom, sharia law, and liberal apologists.

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Comment by Joshua Dolan on February 21, 2009 at 8:33pm
Crazy! I just watched this before jumping on here. I started to check out Fitna on YouTube ... I got half way through the second part before I had to walk away. Too depressing even if it is an extremely biased compilation. Throngs of people chanting and agreeing with the extremist messages professed by the mullahs shown. Scary in a way that is not matched by the feeling I get when I watch thousands of Christians in mega-churches all bobble-heading together at the nonsense preached by their leaders.

How do we stop this tolerance of radical nonsense? I know our community(ies) of non-believers, free-thinkers, humanists, etc seem to be set against the idea of making a "religion" out of non-belief, but some kind of unified large scale group must be needed to lobby for us all, to stand under a few core values, and to help protect us from appeasers who continue to try to deal semi-rationally with the intolerant and close minded.

It is not that turning a man out of the country to avoid civil disorder was necessarily a "bad" thing to do but doesn't that send a worse message than questioning why a member of the government openly stated that he would call on thousands to protest the entry of one individual into the country? Who is that guy really working for? Certainly not the interests of the public and civil society.



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