Pardon me while I go into rant mode for a minute or two...

While I am a live and let live kind of guy, I am sick and tired of people trying to save my non-existent soul. Look - if you want to believe in a sky fairy who monitors your every action and passes judgment on your every thought - fine - I did my share of hallucinogens back in the day. But please stop trying to pass that sh*t off on me. The last time I checked the Constitution, it guarantees you the right to believe whatever you like - excuse me if I don't buy into your fantasy. I don't want you to 'pray for me' or ask your god to do anything for me at all. Please - hallucinations are a private matter and I ain't buying into yours dude. Any god worth his or her salt would provide unmistakable evidence of his/her existence. EPIC FAIL... So while I may respect your right to believe as you wish - leave me the FU*K alone already...

/rant off

Just had to get that off my chest....

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