We are all born as free spirits but to our parents, community, and neighbors, we have rules and regulations.  Religious concepts, to me, stop us from every angle we look.  Here today we find a population of non-theists living in all areas of the world.  For me, having an unaltered belief system creates tremendous freedom and I unite under my one proposition of freedom for all.  Yet throughout the world, we’re seeing our brothers and sisters being persecuted, killed, and demonized, by the power hungry establishment often synonymous with religion, that controls their flock.  We should be sharing our thoughts and our freedom directed toward these communities so that they too can move to a free, less judgmental new society.  I’m sure with this freedom we all would be making mistakes, but at least we’ll be coming from the right place. 

Remember the movie Pay It Forward.  A gigantic willingness can begin with a simple act of kindness, and this is what will open the door to a new pathway of thought. 

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