Today the state and the Vatican have unveiled ancient scrolls never before seen from the Vatican archives......these scrolls appear to offer conclusive evidence that jesus really does love the little children and in fact was a pedophile......this now gives the clergy the full go ahead on anal sex with small children as they become more Christ like by sharing the love of jesus.....all prosecutions will now be on indefinite hold.....

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Comment by kent l thompson on January 13, 2014 at 7:37pm

Just having a little fun is my understanding that with the lack of evidence,the chances of jesus ever exsisting are virtually nill......jesus in my mind is just another version of similar messiahs from earlier accounts from the book of the dead where the egyption god have almost the exact mo as that of jesus.....three thousand years before the supposed birth of Christ...jesus is simply another myth created by man to control the far as proof of the finds at the Vatican it comes directly from the bullshit news from kent.......

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