I like to say ,every deep-?????? thinking christian ore(other Religion's) Person feel the POWER that religion give's you over other's,the Vatican is the proof the Priest the Pope the Mullah and so on ,and now the normal People in her own little Circle of live ,depress all other - free thinking -Human,with fear and verbal abuse ,and ending this allway's with ( bat God love's you!!) thank you very match .
believe mean's not knowing ,why are this People so shure of his existen's
I hope you understand this what i am writing ,my english is bad i know, like to write in german ,not many People from germany her in this community.
please feel free to Post any Idea you may have

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Comment by Konopek Karl-Heinz on February 18, 2011 at 10:38pm

it is easy not to think ---then you have to take everything  that is coming your way -- without question--- and that is  easy,you never do anything wrong and blame others.





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