People.....You Are Killing Your Children

I have heard it said that the Human Race is living at the bottom of an ocean of germs,
bacteria and virus's. The only thing that has allowed us to survive to today is because
our ancient ancestors had evolved an immune system that has the ability to fight off the
majority of these diseases.

But, if the Human Race does not allow the immune system to do its job, we will slowly
lose it and become dependant upon medicine. That is not good.

To retain a good immune system, the Human Race must allow the immune system to work
and strengthen itself. Look at a paraplegic, when he can no longer use his legs the muscles
atrophy. SAME with the immune system. The ONLY time you should rely on medicine is
when the immune system can not fight off a particular illness.

I've seen people catch a bad cold and immediately go to the doctor and get a shot and or
pills. HUH???? a cold is a virus and only the immune system can fight it off. The shot and or
pills are for a secondary disease that MIGHT flare up because your immune system is busy
fighting off the cold virus (weakened really ).

Our ancient ancestors had no or very little of anything resembling medicine, yet the Human
Race is still here. That shows the strength of the immune system.

When I was in grade school, in the mid 50's, I can't recall anyone having Asthma. When I got
a scrape or cut, if possible, I'd let a dog lick it and MAYBE bandage it up. A dogs saliva
does have an antibacterial in it. My parents smoked and most of my relatives did too. They
would have card parties on some weekends and the house would fill up with so much smoke
that they would have to stop the card game and air out the house. Then continue playing cards.


Well....Enough of my pissing and moaning.


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