Forty years ago, on July 1, 1974 I bought an old house that was the most decrepit in the neighborhood. The plumbing and electrical system needed replacing, and the roof had a swag. Mice overran the house and property. Volunteer trees and weeds filled the garden with healthy growth.

The house sits on the edge of a swamp, created by fire, ice and wind. Spokane reveals two of the most "catastrophic flooding events in geologic history; the great volcanic flood basalts of the Columbia River sequence and the effects of the Pleistocene-aged Missoula floods."

A flood of volcanic rock underlays Spokane.

A flood of water caused by the end of The last Ice Age reached into the Spokane area, pushing top soil and huge boulders, called erratics, all over town. 

Winds blew layer upon layer of loess, from west to east with the prevailing winds for eons. The winds also blew ash from erupting volcanoes from the west cost mountain range. 

Therefore, my 50' x 185' patch of land began a rebuilding of my family and this patch of Earth. A new way of life emerges for me. Interesting options, including exploration, experimentation, and learning enrich my days, even as my body goes though the normal processes of ageing. My mind remains active as I imagine and plan yet another project. My children and their children and their children provide motivation and encouragement that stimulates my desire to create a garden of eat'n, play'n, learn'n, meditat'n and share'n. Sharing with others just makes this whole enterprise more fun. 

This situation truly provides the Golden Years so avidly desired by the ageing.

Permaculture provides the stimulus for my current activities. The ability to imagine a different way of acquiring food, of growing my own on a city lot. The numbers of people following this way of gardening grows by the day. Even nations realize the importance of reclaiming living things, plants, animals, and birds to our landscape. Permaculture also restored health to Homo sapiens. So many of our processes in modern life do not empower healthy living. 

So many resources exist, easily accessed through the internet or a public library. A fast source video, Backyard Permaculture, helps to get started. 


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