Thanks to member Tedster and for inviting me here. So now I want to point out some major concerns those deviant variations of the fundamentalist Christian Churches members teach in fact what I call the Jim Jones answer to faith if we cannot solve it here we will solve it in heaven join me even if I have to kill you movement.
This for me is a personal take my brother-in-law was of fundamental faith also somewhat unstable and suicidal. I know this because of court documents there are a number of years between us but I know my sister and she converted to his faith. Want to know what his demon was he is awaiting conviction for being a pedophile and producing child porn. Mind you he did prey to overcome this and I firmly believe had he known the FBI were about to but him he would have killed my sister his many daughters and any other young females he abused for one reason. In his mind they could all work it out in heaven together. For what ever reason he was busted before he could take anyone with him and the Feds hauled his ass to jail for the rest of his natural life. My sister my nieces are safe and moved now.
Doubt the Jim Jones faith syndrome look at the rash of cases of the faithful not taking only their own life but of all those that do not agree with them. In their mind they are taking the victims of their abuse to heaven to well work it all out. God their faith in their eyes has given them this right, if you do not follow me then I will force you to go with me.

Do I belive can I that these things are just NO...yet each day one person in faith removes those by death that will not join them in that faith. This is not just, fair nor noble of a thing to do if there is this son og god or god himself,

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Comment by Clarence Dember on December 26, 2008 at 1:06pm
I'm so glad to hear your loved ones are safe now.

In my mind, this is why when faith is substituted for reasoned assurance it results in calamity for the living.



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