On July 1, 1993 I went up close and personal with a mini van doing 35 M.P.H vs. my crossing a street it was not pretty and I lost. Yeah I was run over messed up pretty good but I was aware enough to see but moving and laughing hurt lots. Anyway laying in the street rather battered with spinal and head injuries I was lucky I worked for the level one trauma center I was soon to be in. Thing is at that moment of impending death I did not see the light...I saw well Nikes! I kid you not it made me laugh and that hurt but when you are crossing a street between buildings at a trama center and get run over things are in your favor and I got to know people by seeing their shoes! Long term now days I am in a scooter can still walk short distances and my view seated is well ass level I know butts well. What I do not like with my disability is being pandered too. I need no tending need to deity to ascribe too from that moment on I subscribe to simple science, health related issues and medical procedures. Nont all of it easy or fun but see the light HA! Nikes rule :)

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Comment by Michael S on January 4, 2009 at 7:21pm
I do not think what you think is strange at all. I suppose at this point in my life lots of things are larger then me. Get into math and science then some of that sails straight over my head I know some researchers I often ask hey can you dumb it down for me it is me after all. Then again I do the same thing to some of them when I talk about brewing beer or Mead so it evens out.

Well the year is a new year the decompression from company lots of OD's on heroes and reasons for the seasons. I do know the winter Solstice happened and daylight returns at about one minute per day. Funny how math and science knew thus thousands of years ago across so many cultures and the Church even tried to suppress that even if they had to kill people or cultures to do it. Let’s say in History that any Church does not have a very passive record on that. I think it is time to get more active and debunk more of their myths through pointing out history and the facts as recorded and supported by the record.
Comment by Susan LaCroix on December 29, 2008 at 4:24pm
I've always wondered if the whole "seeing the light" thing was something your brain did on it's way to shutting down. Sort of the end of the movie type thing. Personally, I think dead is dead.
I did alot of drugs in my younger days, (back in the dark ages), and I think it helped my imagination bloom. Sometimes I find myself thinking about all sorts of stange things! One subject that I've been mulling over is the concept of infinity. I remember my Dad telling me once that the universe is infinite. Scientists say the universe was created by the "Big Bang". If the universe had a beginning, shouldn't have an end? If it does end, what's beyond that? Or are we just a toy in the closet of some huge kid in a MUCH bigger universe? Told ya I think strange!
Comment by Michael S on December 28, 2008 at 2:03pm
Thanks for the post Susan
Well what can one say? If it were not for my playing with drugs including LSD in my youth I may have reacted different. I really would not have had anything in which to reference what I was going through and figure out I was pretty sick.
But after a decade working in a level one trauma center and teaching hospital how the body reacts to a serious illness or trauma is pretty much the same. Your kidneys shut down, as does your stomach and digestive system or at the very least reduces their functions. This leads up to toxins in the blood not being flushed from the system and well your mind plays tricks or treat with you. You do not have proper hydration for 3 days your mind will go south real fast. As a matter of fact this might also suggest that the mere fact of fasting in faith produces some of the most wacked out reasoning due to proven medical reactions of dehydration and chemical changes in the blood work.
What really floors me is how many people expect some sort of profound wisdom from nearly kicking the bucket. What they find is my twisted mind and humor because for me it is just living life as I know it and for me it’s always been an adventure not a problem to solve.
Comment by Susan LaCroix on December 28, 2008 at 12:25pm
LOL, I remember after surgery, waking up in the ICU. They kept me so loaded up on demerol that I hallucinated my entire stay there. What cracked me up was finding out that the tv I'd been watching for days, was not even there! I too almost died, and I never saw "the white light", or anything else.
Comment by Michael S on December 26, 2008 at 11:52pm
Mind you I did see some stars that generally happens if you smack your head then again I do visit LA often there are straz there also. I also caught the flu last Jan one after a week in bed I figured after talking to dead people that it reminded me me of a bad LSD trip I should seek medical help...I did turned out my blood chemistry was all messed up...but it was fun talking to dead people even if it was in my own mind. Go figure not eating or drinking a week would make one sort of a nut case..
Comment by Kevin on December 26, 2008 at 11:03pm
lol! I don't usually laugh at perceived "misfortune", but it sounds like you're taking it exceedingly well, better than I probably would have, but I'm negative.
Best wishes!

*PS: It's nice to know my stepmom's bitchy aunt I hate was lying about the "light" when she had her heart attack. I hate her and it's nice to know she was making it all up :)

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