Phil Robertson a reflection of the downfall of christianity

The christian religion is struggling in this modern world but I don't believe it is because we are too modern for it. Many people do not believe in the spiritualism of it but want to adhere to the philosophy. I think for many the idea that the bible has stories and ideas of hate and violence, genocide and chosen people of god is a real problem. The other problem for many is the hypocrisy of the leadership. 

Phil Robertson, is an example of "look at these other people and their sins, not me or mine". One of the prominent traditions of the christian philosophy is to confess your sins and seek forgiveness and to repent. Another prominent teaching in the christian philosophy is not to judge. The bible is loaded with stories and warnings about judging others. Many christians will say they are not judging; that they are just stating what is sin. Context is everything.

In the old testament one of the oldest stories relating to not judging is the story of how the angels came to claim the body of Moses and when they did the devil was there and the story goes that they would not bring one railing accusation against him. According to the stories of the bible the devil put himself in the place of god. The bible repeats itself over and over again, god is the only one that can judge and to judge someone else is putting yourself in the place of god. The message of not judging is carried throughout the bible and unless you have no history of being taught the christian philosophy you are very aware of this teaching. In our modern world we have adopted this philosophy in a similar way. We do not allow law enforcement to judge the accused. We require a jury or at minimum a judge; evidence it presented and standards are set to find guilt. 

The downfall of christianity I believe will eventually be traced back by historians to the judging of others based on the teachings of the philosophy. I have personally witnessed many people come to the religion and to accept the teachings and in doing so come to "know christ as their personal savior" and the greatest motivation for it that I witnessed was the forgiveness and the becoming part of something that they believe is sacred; That they will no longer be judged by their fellow man. The whole religion looses it's sacredness when the followers need to do nothing more than claim they believe and stand in judgement of others.

The fact that the religion is struggling to maintain followers is leading to desperation and the people who are leadership have basically adopted a system by which they will consider you part of the flock if you will just claim to believe in god or jesus and secondly you gain popular favor among the followers when you adopt popular bigotry against gays. The bible says; The lord will make the lowest or the least the highest and the highest the lowest. Welcome to a big gay world.

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Comment by Michael Penn on December 26, 2013 at 8:21am

Humanity needed religion just like the Jews needed a scapegoat. Everyone needs to be "saved" even if they are only saved from themselves. In a world where we know nothing, it's nice to have a system of things where everything (even after your death) is all figured out for you.

The downfall of religion will be brought about mostly because of the Internet. Otherwise we will someday having people claiming how god made the automobile. The claims for god are already outrageous. In a world of instant knowledge this will become laughable in our future.

Comment by Asa Watcher on December 25, 2013 at 10:49am


I’m not sure that our “fear” i.e. racism and other forms of bigotry have considerable roots in tribalism and the them-vs-us mentality”  might also be an unavoidable part of our genetic make-up . . .  hard wired, so to speak, as a survival mechanism. . . the regard of the “other” as a possible threat.  

And we can measure our humanity by how well we deal with those primitive biological fears, how we keep them from controlling our lives, our attitudes toward the “other” . . . because there will always be the “other”.

Oh but, wait, WE are the “other” to all those “others”.

That is the realization that guys like Phil Robertson never seem to “get”.  And THAT failure is a handicap religion imposes upon its adherents.

Comment by Atheist Exile on December 24, 2013 at 10:44am

People can be wrong-headed about any number of things. A large part of the world is religious and the two largest religions -- Christianity and Islam -- is full of judgmental people who think they're righteous.

I accept that people say wrong-headed things. I don't think they should be punished for being stupid or saying stupid things. People need thicker skins. When I hear hateful things said of others, I'm not angered so much as I'm embarrassed for these clueless people.

Of course, this perspective isn't as easy to maintain if said hateful things are directed at me. :-) But I know that the only people who would take such talk seriously are people I need not worry about.

In the case of Duck Commander, I just see him as a redneck who's part of a fading culture peculiar to the southern U.S. People shouldn't expect too much from him.

Comment by Ted Foureagles on December 24, 2013 at 10:22am

 ..."Humanity needs religion for reasons that aren't understood by secularists."

Comment by Loren Miller on December 24, 2013 at 9:59am

Certainly, racism and other forms of bigotry have considerable roots in tribalism and the them-vs-us mentality.  I guess my question here is: how much of it is also fostered by religion and the they-don't-believe-as-we-believe mindset?

I can't help but thinking that factor is NOT inconsequential.

Comment by Randall Smith on December 24, 2013 at 8:30am

I agree with one exception. There will be no "downfall of christianity". It may ebb and flow, but will never die. Humanity needs religion for reasons that aren't understood by secularists.



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