Photo and short comment on Ray Comfort and the 150th Anniversary Edition of "The Origin of Species"

I scanned through Ray Comfort's Introduction to the special 150th Anniversary Edition of "The Origin of Species" last night and was not very surprised by what I found: simple, dumbed down prose and simpler argumentation. I will quote and comment on one short -but important- statement.

In a section labelled "Darwinism and Atheism" Comfort begins, "It's rare to find an atheist who doesn't embrace Darwinism with open arms. Many believe that with creation adequately explained by evolution, there is no need for a God and no moral responsibility." (page 39; emphasis added)

As many reading this will recall, Brother Richard and A/N helped make possible an extensive online survey of atheists that I did recently. Over half of the 8,204 respondents answered an open ended question asking them to describe a situation where they had felt stigmatized because of their atheism. A significant percentage of those respondents mentioned being bothered by the assumption that since they were an atheist they were not moral (or worse). Here are just three examples:

"I live in a moderately rural area full of southern Baptists. When people find out that I'm an atheist they generally assume that I'm morally bankrupt."

"People have called me stupid and evil within earshot of my children."

"Many times I've been told, "What stops you from going out and killing people?" !! That one is usually the biggest shocker. From people that believe religion has a monopoly on morals."

That Comfort perpetuates the assumption that atheists have "no moral responsibility" is both predictable and disturbing, and I am finding more and more in my research that this stereotype about non-believers is distressingly common among Christians, especially here in the South.

The photo below is an homage to the video going around the Internet where Ray explains God's design by demonstrating how He made bananas fit perfectly into the human hand.

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Comment by Rikka on February 4, 2010 at 12:36am
love it. I thoroughly enjoy how much fun you have while being an awesome atheist.



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