I'm not usually for theist bashing but I can't help but secretly think that those who believe in god are stupid. Christian friend (CF): How do you know god isn't real? Me: A lack of supporting evid…

I'm not usually for theist bashing but I can't help but secretly think that those who believe in god are stupid.

Christian friend (CF): How do you know god isn't real?

Me: A lack of supporting evidence.

CF: I have supporting evidence!

Me: Do tell?

CF: Creation

It is all I can do when someone provides such a crap argument not to ... I don't know .... Shake them really hard? I don't want to hurt or brainwash anyone but it seems like there ought to be something I could do to bring them to their senses.

'Creation' (by which this friend meant, the universe and everything we know) is not evidence for anything other than the fact we exist. If CF would just look at the natural world he would understand why I don't think god is real. I've pointed out a few things to him that contradict the idea of a loving god who designed the universe like natural disasters that cause so many of the innocent and/or faithful to suffer and die, the design flaws in our own bodies, the tremendous amounts of non-human suffering, the vast amounts of mostly empty space in the universe ... but he doesn't seem to understand what I'm arguing in the first place; even though I try to put it into as much detail as possible with links and articles, but it's all a waste of time. That's what bothers me - he doesn't even understand what I'm saying. Sometimes I think he's playing dumb.

Even if 'creation' were evidence for god, how does it support the christian god more than any other god? If anything I'd say it supported the more petty, human like gods than the omnibenevolent being in CF's version of christianity.

In this particular brand of christianity I hear the mantra "God is Love" all the time, 'good people' are probably going to heaven and all the OT rules are thrown out except for the one about homosexuality...OH, but god loves homosexuals too he just hates the sin of homosexual activities (see: buttsecks - they don't seem to care about lesbians, or at least that's not who they focus on)....but I digress.

Although saying "goddidit" is a great gap filler, that's all it is, and the gap is getting smaller all the time. What causes earthquakes? We used to think it was an angry deity, now we know about plate tectonics and volcanic activity. What causes disease? It used to be believed that illness was punishment from a god or a curse from an agent of evil; now we know about germs and how the human body and mind can malfunction. How did the universe come into existence? We don't know for certain, but our knowledge is expanding all the time. We used to think god(s) were involved in many things we know today to be natural phenomenon - god is becoming a useless hypothesis.

Using 'creation' as evidence raises more questions than it answers; it does not point to one god over other gods and can be used to justify belief in any deity you choose. It is also a completely unnecessary hypothesis. For these reasons, I throw out evidence based on 'creation.'

*climbs off soapbox*


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Comment by Bradley Keene on June 13, 2010 at 1:39am
Technically speaking, homosexuality is mentioned in the New Testament in a negative light, it's just not as emphasized as in the Old Testie.

Not that it matters, just making a note. Overall, I agree with you. They really are ridiculous, and while they may make a point for a creator that could potentially convince schoolchildren, there's nothing in their arguments that come close to explaining what's so special about Christianity.
Comment by Okie Tokie on June 11, 2010 at 6:47pm
I always want to bitch slap the dumbass who say that God created the earth because it says so in the bible. Also their answer to realithy of Jesus, Salvation, Masturbation and sport sex.
I use jd salinger as my source of truth as a comeback.
Comment by Cose2Cose Productions on June 11, 2010 at 4:24pm
Very nicely put. *claps*

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