Podcasts I am currently listening to:

The Non-Prophets
Atheist Experience
Point of Inquiry

All of these podcasts are available on iTunes. I enjoy the Atheist Experience podcast the most as it includes live callers. The Non-Prophets has most of the same people from the Atheist Experience. Point of Inquiry is something I just started listening to and it's the podcast by Center For Inquiry. Point of Inquiry is a very formal podcast with interviews and such. The speakers bugged me a bit when I first started listening because it sounded "static" or "life-less" because you could tell that as the announcers spoke they were reading. Geologic is interesting....I was thrown back by how expressive the host, George Hrab is on his show. A friend of mine at my college suggested this podcast to me and I am finding that I enjoy it very much.

I've caught up on all the episodes for the Atheist Experience so I am now having to wait every two weeks to get a new episode. Sadly....they may not be doing live broadcastings of the episodes during the summer. I've been putting off watching them live for the past few months because I've been busy with classes and now that I have the chance to sit down for a full hour during the summer and watch them live....they probably won't be doing it! *cries* I'm also about 100+ episodes behind on the rest of the podcasts that I just started listening to so that will keep me busy this summer!

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