Osama Bin Laden
by Gael R. Murphy


Osama Bin Laden,
May his tribe reform.
Began to hate Yanks,
When we fought Desert Storm.

We stationed our troops,
In the deserts of Saudi,
And our female recruits,
Were immodest and rowdy.

They refused to wear burquas,
From their heads to their towses,
And instead of Mohammed,
They liked Jesus and Moses.

In Mecca's direction,
They never once bowed,
And our win in Kuwait,
Made them boastful and proud.

When we drove Sadam Hussein,
In disgrace from Kuwait,
That just made Bin Laden,
And his cohorts irate.

He yelled "Infidels this"
He screamed, "Infidels that",
And he pouted and cursed,
Like a rich, spoiled brat.

He had to retreat,
And hide out with Afghanis,
When this creep, once elite,
Was disowned by his granny.

The cruel Taliban
Set doggies on fire
and they brutalized women
who wore wrong attire.


Osama was teaching
The virtue of hate,
To young boys who believed,
That to die was their fate

In the guise of religion
In camps and in caves,
He misused the Koran,
to make men into slaves.

He sent little boys,
On a mission of terror,
He thought that would scare us,
And that was his error.

They hijacked four planes,
They knocked down our towers,
They killed lots of folks,
So we marshaled our powers.

We sent over ships.
We sent missiles and tanks,
And the many new soldiers,
Who signed up in our ranks.

And again in our troops,
Were both Sammys and Sadies,
Whose weapons will teach them,
Not to beat up on ladies.

To the poor refugees,
We were humanitarian,
We bombed them with food,
That was pure vegetarian.


It took almost ten years,

But we finally got him,

In Bin Ladin’s grand mansion,

They found him, and shot him.



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