Political Correctness =: Minority, Lobby driven, Blatantly Errant Pseudo-Psychology

Political Correctness has become a Religion for Naive Fools and Idiotic Politicians to Follow.

I have just read a News Release that they are now starting an entire Psychological Study in order to understand why Youth who were raised in dysfunctional, sometimes violent, parental or guardian environments appear to be more resilient when it comes to dealing with hardship and depression.

Those children brought up in nicely political correct and supportive environments, evidently aren't becoming stable, resilient youth and adults.  There is definitely something lacking in the political correctness child rearing algorithm, or maybe they have never done any thorough psychological research in order to verify that their concepts are right, before embarking on their idiotic campaigns.

Though I've known that Political Correctness is just a Minority, Irrational, Non-Researched, Idiocy for the most of my life!

It's Something I've been aware of for decades, because I and many of my most resilient friends had been exposed to such violence and family dysfunction in our childhood, As well as that, I read all the"Biggles" books ever written and turned out Anti-Racism, from reading them.

I'm a living example of the stupidity of Political Correctness being Completely WRONG!
When I attended school, we had the story books of the exploits of a British pilot and adventurer named "James Bigglesworth" who was nicknamed "Biggles" , who along with his faithful companions had adventures around the world, solving mysteries and sometimes assisting people in trouble. In a few stories they visited tribes in Africa and regions of India.
The entire set of "Biggles Books" was banned from public school libraries, because of some supposed Racism within its depiction of the natives.
I actually read the entire set of Biggles which I started reading from the ages of 7 to 16, yet, I became the least racist of all my family and friends, which is the entirely opposite of what their dumber than dumb pseudo-psychologists claimed would be the influence of reading Biggles to a child.

Yes, I'm absolute proof that those pseudo-psychologists had based their claims on minority concerns and not real, genuine psychological research.
Same goes for the vast majority of Political Correctness doctrines.
Political Correctness has become another Irrational Religion or Superstition which is based on blatantly Fraudulent and extremely Incorrect, Minority driven Pseudo-Psychology.

My own children were not shielded from reality, we often had friends who get drunk and had porn nights and violent videos, to which our children were often exposed to, but my approach is Education. I educated my children about Biology, Sex, Death from 4yo. They grew a dislike for porn and violence, they grew up Wholesome Honest Adults.

"Biggles" books actually gave me a deep respect for natives and their cultures.
I have many Aboriginal friends who are almost like family, and shared accommodation with people from Africa, Asia, China which has left me with long lasting friendships.
I'm extremely Anti-Racism, much of my respect for other cultures I gained at an early age from reading Biggles, because I had no contact with any other than white Caucasian people until my late teens, thus no experience with native cultures for the entire time I was reading the "Biggles" books, yet on meeting my very first Aboriginal friend, it was Instant Respect for himself and his cultural heritage.
Something I could only have gained from my book reading, since I was a massive "Biggles" devotee and avid reader of these so called Racism engendering books, it should have made me Racist.   My extreme early (youth) Anti-Racism is proof they were Stupidly Wrong.

We should make these Government and Semi-Government Agencies that police Political Correctness issues, demonstrate conclusive, well researched evidence before we let them pull their entirely Irrational wool over the public's eyes.

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Comment by Luara on December 23, 2013 at 10:34am

ps I did make that post I referred to, arguing for class-based rather than race-based affirmative action in college admissions. 

If you look at that post, it has a link to a long and good article with lots of evidence in favor of this. 

The idea is that class-based affirmative action tends to help people of color get into college, because most of their disadvantages are related to having less money anyway.  Also, a rich and privileged black person should not be favored over a poor but white person. 

However, I doubt that applies well to other kinds of affirmative action.  College admissions officers are less likely to discriminate against people of color, than individuals hiring for a job, or people renting housing, because it's less personal. 

Comment by Luara on December 23, 2013 at 10:28am

I know Peter - but people of color tend to think differently about ideas of being "color-blind".  They know just how much racism there is, and are - very justifiably - suspicious of any idea about being color-blind.    I'm not a person of color - but almost all the people I have heard saying the kinds of things you say, are white or perhaps Asian. 

Try bouncing your feelings about affirmative action off some black people and see what their reactions are. 

Comment by Peter Martin Page on December 23, 2013 at 9:41am

Laura you haven't mentioned anything I haven't heard before, and what may surprise you, I used to believe. What I can no longer deny is the damage I have witnessed by politically correct ideals.

I worked at the Toronto District School Board for twenty seven years and saw affirmative action used to hire unqualified, and deny qualified people, based on race. Toronto recently had a black Director of Education, Dr. Chris Spence, ride affirmative action to the top only to be fired when the proof of his plagiarism became too well documented for his supporters to deny. I saw female industrial arts teachers hired with eight weeks of training, while males with twenty years experience, in licensed trades, be denied those same positions. I saw female cosmetology teachers have their careers destroyed because feminists didn't want the curriculum to offer tradition trades! I had a black, Jamaican  E.S.L. teacher, at the Ontario Institute Of Education show up late and unprepared every period and no one dared complain. I experienced an enormous amount of denial. It was almost entirely denial of the abuses caused in the name of political correctness. Yes I agree people with good intentions discriminate all the same.

Comment by Luara on December 23, 2013 at 8:36am

The politically correct are the racists. Race matters most to racists. To a true non-racist, race would be irrelevant.

Unfortunately, being color-blind in a society which is permeated by racism means ignoring the racism that exists. In practice, it tends to involve denial.
This has been one justification for things like race-based affirmative action. White people or Asians may call that racist, but it does help discriminated-against groups to recover from the historical and current injustice they suffer.
For college admissions, there is a good argument for class-based rather than race-based affirmative action. Perhaps this could work for other kinds of affirmative action.  Part of the problem is that racial prejudice is largely unconscious.  People may have good intentions but discriminate all the same. 

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on December 23, 2013 at 8:19am

I agree Peter and Dennis, when I'm having fun with my multi-raced friends, we don't consider ourselves as having any differences, we are just mates.

It's only when people try and point out that we are different because of either skin color or cultural background, is when we get annoyed. We never saw ourselves as different.

It was reading the reason for banning Biggles that annoyed both of us, because their argument for banning the books from public schools seemed petty and irrational, since somebody who had read every book in the series was just another brother to those the books supposedly produced racial conflict and bigotry against. We couldn't believe people could be so stupidly irrational and speak from no backing, verified data, just stuff they invented in their heads.

Which is where most political correctness policies come from, the heads of naive idiots.

As far as attacking Religions, I prefer to attack Irrationality, which often ends up being the one and the same target.

Pushing rational, well balanced education is the best way to defeat Irrationality, and thus also either defeat religion or force religions to adopt a more rational position, which is the way some Christian and even pockets of Islam are heading.

There are some Christian and even an occasional Islamic spokespeople coming out now with very rational concepts and doctrines,

It appears that our arguments with religions and the force of Education is having an impact, forcing more rationality from within religion.

Comment by Michael Penn on December 23, 2013 at 6:44am

You are right on about race and racists there, Mr. Page. That's put together so perfectly and so true.

It reminds me of certain idiots that keep on asking me how I'm going to feel in 20 (whatever year it is) when the white race becomes the minority? Since I'm white and this is obviously against blacks, how am I going to feel? I suppose that I'll feel pretty much the way I feel right now.

This is the most stupid mentality that I've ever heard of!

Comment by Peter Martin Page on December 23, 2013 at 5:13am

Hi Dog. The politically correct are the racists. Race matters most to racists. To a true non-racist, race would be irrelevant. Anyone who identifies with their race would be someone who must think being born of a certain race was some kind of accomplishment. Utter nonsense! Your race is a determined consequence of birth. It is no more an accomplishment than the amount of curl in your hair or the date of your birth. It involved no choice or effort. These traits are nothing to be proud or ashamed of. To be either is equally racist. 

When I see people who strongly identify with their race waging their offended fingers at others and accusing them of racism, I can't help but think "the pot calling the kettle black". They typically accuse others of whatever they are most guilty of. They bash anyone who dares analyze their sacred ideals. Kind of reminds me of Atheists being bashed by the overly religious.

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on December 19, 2013 at 6:37pm

True Tonya, I think resilience is a rather fuzzy notion, different children pick and choose their influences from their environments.  Two children can grow up in exactly the same environment and have similar sets of influences, but those influences the child chooses to take in will make the difference.  We cannot predict outcomes because of the "Free Will" or as V.S. Ramachandran calls it "Free Won't".

Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on December 19, 2013 at 6:33pm

I'm currently studying psychology and neurology at the moment, so I'm looking for ideas as well as spouting out what I have discovered, it's all about sharing, some of what I share may be factual, some fiction, but eventually, together, we get them sorted.

Though my wife rather rudely, though rather amusingly, just gave me the book: "Psychology For Dummies",  LOL

Though I might use this book and start a case study on the feelings of Crash Test Dummies.

Comment by Michael Penn on December 19, 2013 at 6:20am

DOG, I keepreading your answers and responses to your own blog, and you are right on. Reading this is very intrigueing.



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