Poll - Which Other Books Should President Obama Swear On?

As expected, Barack Obama did have to swear the Oath of Office a second time, this time in a more intimate setting with just a few of the press corp. However, some Americans may feel the new President has made yet another blunder by not swearing on the Bible. Amazingly, given the God-squad in America, not a bible was found anywhere near the swearing in. As the TimesOnline reported, one blogger snarled "Expect a third oath when bitter small town gun- and Bible-toting America finds out."

However, one commenter, Jeff from Sacramento quipped,"Why don't we make everyone happy and we can swear him in everyday and bring a stack of books each time." Now, does the second reading invalidate the first one, or should we take them as cumulative, or an average? Will half a Bible do?

Anyway, with President Obama swearing in twice, once with and once without a Bible, perhaps in the spirit of bringing together all the people of America and the world he really should do this on a daily basis. Here is a partially amusing poll on The Best Swearing In Books in the World. Polls last 10 days.

Feel free to give further suggestions. The best one so far is the Washington Yellow Pages.

Vote and spread the word! The results so far - OK, not a huge number of votes yet - are a bit surprising as the voters so far come from a non-atheist site I write on. Guess the sanctimonious-ones are planning revenge as the FDA has also sanctioned stem cell research (banned under Bush).

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