Popepropaganda: The Vatican as a Perfect Union of Church and State

Perhaps the most misunderstood, and still mysterious symbol in the lexicon of the 19th and some 20th century occultists is that the Baphomet of the French magician known as Eliphas Levi.  The androgynous goat enflamed with Luciferian light atop rather obvious sub-symbols of the Earth, hermaphroditic accoutrements, and a face with horns (the Devil being God to those you dislike).  The suggestion is Pan, reminding us of the amazingly petty and archly devious ways the Roman Church has dealt with His devotees.  That sailor who rounded the bend of an island slope to hear the call from pagan peoples moaning and groaning "GREAT PAN IS DEAD!" is a rather pathetic plot to punish pagans.

Pan has become for me the symbol of the school of physics known as speculative realities.  Pan = All, and therefore the greatest threat to Vatican manipulation of the masses wherever entrenched.  The God of the Christians is one and three, of the Jews as One and some hope.  The God of the Muslims was dreamed up by a deranged lunatic who cut himself off from all humans and convinced himself that he could wage wars on neighbors simply by bringing scripture; hey, it worked for those other guys.

Here is how the organization works.  Envoys sign treaties with heads of government, including the United States, to establish diplomatic relations with states.  This allows them to take full advantage of such things as immunities and the ability to carry things in bags and pouches that cannot be seized by police or customs.  You preach against birth control because you know that the earlier in a child's life the Catholic virus can take hold, the more prosperous the Church will becomes.  You get politicians elected and form deals or "understandings" with both the executive and legislative offices so that certain favors are done.  And you do just enough charity work to keep the Church and its Bank so lucrative that it inspires the new Pope guy to think he was right to think that he could participate in the Ponzi scheme and eventually rise to the top job.  The Boss.  The Boss of Bosses.  Nobody can touch you.  You are religiosity's Chief Executive, tutti, president, prime minister, king.

Speculative physics, contra dogma,  envisions a world of subatomic particles, each individually containing every other subatomic particle: the world of infinite mirrors of David Bohm and the Hua Yin School of Buddhism.  Legend has it that a mystic took an Oriental queen into a hall of mirrors to demonstrate the principle.  This room had mirrors not only on the walls but floor and ceiling, and a small candle was lit in the center of the room.  The Queen was astonished to see that the candle was reflected infinitely such that the Queen could see that she, too, was infinite. 

This has nothing to do with God.  Unless perhaps it is to say: we are all us Gods.  The late stand up comedian and philosopher, Richard ("Lord") Buckley put it this way: "I worship people."  Nietzsche urged us that.  Even Aleister Crowley got it right when he said, "The is no god but Man."  The freethinker is the greatest enemy of organized religions in general, and the Nazarene religion in particular.

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