I'm weening myself from another blog site and trying to get used to how things work here at Nexus. I like the word (nexus, connection).  I attended the Reason Rally in D.C. last March (on my birthday) and felt a connection with like-minded people, especially on the bus coming and going (despite night time travel).

I belong to two atheist organizations (FFRF and Center for Inquiry), but am not particularly active. And I don't know of any non-believers in my community, including my family. By my "coming out" via the word on the street, newspaper letters to the editor, etc., I was hoping someone might come forward. That hasn't happened.

With my large front window sign proclaiming my secularity (from the Reason Rally), I suppose I'm just fortunate nobody has thrown a brick through the window--or worse. No phone calls either. I don't want to appear too radical or pushy.

I'm just proud of my ability to reason and dismiss superstition.

Have a good day.

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