Post- American Atheists Convention 2009

One of the things that Dawkins spoke about at the convention (for those who weren't able to go) was the interview he had with Ben Stein and how he took what he said to falsely prove his point and hold it against him. A very small part of the interview appeared on Glenn Beck. Whether or not Glenn Beck knew about the true contents of the interview, Glenn Beck was still critical of atheists on his show and pretty much made fun of Dawkins.

My dad is a very avid listener of Glenn Beck and being that my dad had fortunately attended this convention with me AND that Dawkins happened to talk about that certain interview… I was excited to point out to my dad of certain falsehoods Glenn Beck represents on his show. I have never liked Glenn Beck....even way before I decided for myself that I was an atheist or before I thought much about religion. My mom and dad both watched this video together last night ( My mom was upset and defending Glenn Beck (she did not go to the convention) but I was very happy to hear that my dad was upset with Glenn Beck (and Ben Stein). My dad, a conservative, a republican, and a theist, told me he was disappointed with Glenn Beck and was even going to write a letter to him saying so (though I don't know how much that would do but I was glad to hear it).

Before the convention, I think my dad would have happily defended Glenn Beck if I showed him this video. I wanted to thank American Atheists and Richard Dawkins for the opportunity my family was provided in being able to visit this convention in Georgia. I know that my dad, being a theist at an atheist convention, was able to leave with some knowledge that he did not have before (and he told me this too). Thank you

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