I just placed "Pot Stories" on Amazon's KDP program, meaning you can download it free. There's so much fun and information in there it blows my mind. In the various and sundry essays the eBook answers questions like:

How come there are no priests listed on the National List of Sex Offenders?

Why will humans hand over the dominance of the planet to the cybernetic mind?

From Barbara Walker: At funerals why is it unacceptable to criticize and disparage the reputation of the deceased? Even at elaborate Mafia funerals where everybody hated the bastard.

Did Atlantis really exist?

It's free. You can download it and send it to like-minded friends—even Christians and Mohammedans. I'm sure they'll appreciate the scurrilous comments and condescending rebuke of ignorance. 

One more: How the heck did St. John the Divine refer to himself when he was a slave/prisoner of the Romans on the island of Patmos? Did he go up to fellow prisoners and say: Hi boys, I'm John the Divine?


P.S. It blows my mind that there're over a million books on Kindle that sold more. When I think of all the work, suffering and human experience it took to write it, I find it surreal. Barbara has six screens of books on Amazon and her "Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Legends" sold over a half million copies at 30 bucks a pop.

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Comment by Rich Goss on August 17, 2015 at 4:22pm

I gave up trying to make sense out of it a long time ago.  I dismissed it at that:  a bad LDS trip with lizards, four horsemen of pestilence and death, etc. Are they any frogs in there?  I think there's locusts.  And the anti-Christ, lunatic asylum fodder. 

Here's a funny video on this stuff.  It's what happens when you read too much Book or Revelation.  The last words are "Gog and Magog" though they're not clearly pronounced for theatrical effect. 

Comment by Michael Penn on August 17, 2015 at 7:18am

Well said, Richard. If you squint and look at the sun you will see a cross like spike of light. Anyone would. Now imagine things in place of the cross like a hangman's noose, injection gurney, electric chair, etc. and these items become "holy." Not far from me is a "Holy Cross Catholic Church." Why is it "holy?"

As for St. John the Devine, I also wonder if the man used that name. Most likely not. Called ultimately John the Apostle, St. John, John of Patmos, and John the Revelator, many believe it not to be the same "John" as in other wrtings. I don't know if they had LSD but he could have got ahold of some bad mushrooms.

In modern times I contend that the events of Revelation have already happened. The Antichrist could have been Paul in how that his citizenship put a "marriage with Rome" in his teachings. As for calling fire down from the sky, etc. this means no more than anything similar in other writings. There is nothing supernatural here, only those that want it to be. If their god was no respecter or persons you have to ask why the Christians are caught up in  a "rapture" when this did not happen to anyone in their past. Modern believers want t make this all about nukes and "beam me up, Scotty." Sorry. It just ain't going to happen.

Regardless of who John the Devine was, legend has it that he was killed by "being submerged into a giant vat of boiling oil." Why did the ancients have so much drama? Just kill him already.

Now I'm thinking of Peter being crucified upside down because "he was not worthy." OK. Imagine the injection gurney but it must face away from Mecca. So much drama. A common death of the time was stoning. How would you do that one if a man was not worthy? Maybe you wouldn't stone him at all. The Jews said that it was not lawful for them to put a man to death and this was why Jesus had to appear before Pilate, but it was not true. The Jews could have stoned Jesus to death and have been done with it. They could do that lawfully. This need of drama has the entire Bible full of lies.

Imagine believers wearing a rock around their necks on a chain.

Comment by Rich Goss on August 16, 2015 at 10:33pm

Quite so.  How's it go?  In hoc signo vinces, said the sign in the sky.  Suppose Christ was executed by firing squad would Christians be wearing little rifles around their necks in the 21st century? 

But my point is about St.John the Divine.  All he did was write a book about the bad LSD trip and became the world's most widely read author.  In my story, the slave master says, "Why do I have to get all the nuts?" 

Comment by Michael Penn on August 16, 2015 at 12:06pm

Saul of Tarsus most likely never said to people of his time that he was the antichrist either, but some still think he was. Over the years I have become one of them. That man messed up Christianity big time, was not one of the 12, did not know the remaining 11, but claimed to have met Jesus posthumously as well as confronting Peter in the flesh. Over the years Jesus became devine because of men like Saul/Paul.

Keep in mind that Paul's writings came first and then 4 whopper outlandish gospels were added later. Paul stirred everything up and wrote a large portion of the New Pesterment. The "new religion" got a fantastic Roman sendoff that even Caesar could love.

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