Power Monarchy Autocracy Democracy!

I feel like one, who has nothing to lose. I have observed that how we are being ruled and ruined by rulers. But If you say anarchy, I would retort like this, "Anarchism can be the best option to bring power to warlords". As I experienced with my little brain is, our life is not a dreamland. And I shall declare it to my beloved rulers that I'm no slave and I'm not accustomed to abide those rules.

In my second ink, I wish my realistic thoughts to be explained neatly. Therefore, We have read that power has brought the concept of ruler. Many philosophers had brushed the definition of State with their aspects. Nowhere you can find self-reliance. Because, it has been flown with the rising of the concept of ruling. The title of this blog states two kinds of beliefs that, how the power has turned into the acme of ruling, and another one, power has been stepping into the darkness of extinction. Remember, power cannot be stood always its transforms. Sometimes its transforms into garbage!

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