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Occasionally during his lectures on the existence of god, Ravi Zacharias stops and excuses himself for not bringing a power point along with him. He smiles and says that he is "technologically challenged". Then he goes like the following: "He gave me the power to make the point". I have some reasons to assume that whatever he is telling to be the prove of the existence of god, the people in the auditorium will most likely remember his joke about power point.

Of course if you think for a second about it you will see that these words do not have any meaning whatsoever.

But I somehow became very curious about this and I'm trying to imagine what would he put in his presentation if the God wouldn't debar him from the power to make a power point. Some formulas, equations disclosing god-related properties of the nature? Some charts, diagrams with numbers? Some photos from the scenes of actual encounter? What might that be? As a matter of fact none of these prophets is showing anything during their lectures.

I think that this is a reflection of one of the basic shortcomings of the religion: there is nothing to show. "It's all inside us" they say referring hopefully only to those little gray things in their heads called neurons. But wait a minute! The sight is one of the few fundamental ways by which we receive information. How can it be that you are told to believe in something that nobody is able to show you. And this is really so: nobody can point to something and tell you "look! This is the God". And you go like "Ah, I see! Well this surely is the God! Thanks for showing!".

Of course other senses play role too. Hearing for example. But there is also a problem: if all the prophets are removed than we most likely will not hear about the god any more. Of course the probability to hear the god itself using the actual hearing nerves is hardly above zero.

What about touch, the other crucial component of our sensorial instrumentation? Can we touch god? We can touch a prophet but it will not give us any sort of positive feedback I'm afraid. The same with the sense of smell.

To summarize it all: we can't see Him, we can't hear Him, we can't smell Him, we can't touch Him.

We can do only one thing: we can hear about Him from other people. Those people of course didn't get their information from the first hands. They also heard it from other people. Those from still other people and so it goes back to history till the time when Paul got sunstroke on his way from Damask ant thoroughly impressed by this accident instantly stopped prosecuting Christians and became one of them instead. Slightly different story for Islam (Mohamed, cave, voice etc.).

So what do we have in the end? A very unreliable information delivered to us strictly verbally from the third (well, not even third) hands. I suppose reader might come up here the scriptures but in my opinion it is the very same thing – if you have something to say you write it on a paper so that more people could hear you and that's all the difference between books and talks.

This remind me only one thing – a rumor. God is no more than an old rumor not backed by anything. And still millions of people are seriously talking about this stuff! Are we f(*/&" crazy??

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Comment by annet on March 25, 2012 at 1:10pm

Good point. :)   It is the telephone game.  

Comment by Richard ∑wald on March 23, 2012 at 12:04pm

"God is no more than an old rumor not backed by anything."

This is a great aphorism.



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