this is something that i have asked at least a few believers, but have never gotten anything near a "real" answer for...

why would anyone pray for another person? or for anything for that matter? because: 1) god already knows about the situation. 2) god already knows whats best and will do it his way regardless... and if either one of those (or both) assumptions are false then god is not omnipotent.

here's an example i use when asking this question: there are 2 people. one is a popular church member sitting in church, the other is a bum sitting behind a dumpster. the first person has tons of likewise religious minded friends. the second person doesnt have a friend in the world. suddenly both of them are struck with a sever heart attack. they both lay on the ground in agony.

the people with the first guy (of course call 911 then..) start praying for him, the preacher stands up and calls for everyone to bow their heads and start praying for the man, praying for the mercy of god to save him. some people in the congregation even send out prayer notices on facebook and within minutes this man has several hundred, maybe even several thousand people praying to god to spare his life.
the second guy has no one, but prays to god to spare his life just the same.

does the first man have a better chance at survival because he has more people asking god to save him? if not then why the hell does it matter if you pray for someone?? and if he does in fact have a better chance at living then that would make religion worse than high school: if you arent popular then you're shit outta luck...

just a little rant. i just cant understand the mindset that makes any of this rational...

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Comment by Joe Monroe on July 4, 2011 at 11:14pm
that was too funny. its not the prayers that work its positive thinking of the individual that helps to improve their situation. which has been proven to work by evil science :) when people say they are going to pray for me I reply with I'm already prayed up :) LOL



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