My stepson is a devout Catholic. It bothers him that I have an atheist website and a presence on several atheist forums. He has an account on my member forum, at, and follows the conversations there as a lurker instead of a participant.

He told me I should try prayer, just for a little while, to see if they come true or not.

I never approach my family members on the subject of religion but if they approach me about it, I don't hold back unless I see them closing their minds. This is what I told him (edited for posting) . . .

. . . Given the might and majesty of The Lord, I assume people don't trivialize their prayers. They pray for good and worthy things. But if those things are good and worthy AND God is mighty and majestic, why do we have to pray for them in the first place?

I mean, look at the perennially starving masses in Africa, where drought always seems to be a problem somewhere. Don't they pray for rain? Surely some of them are Christians!?! (Not that it should matter.) What about all the fat and happy Christians in the U.S.? Don't they pray for rain for the poor, starving, Africans?

Jesus (i.e. God in the flesh) said that we should live like the birds: they don't worry about food or shelter -- they just flit through life letting God provide for them. If that is what Jesus tell us to do, then why do we need to pray for the starving masses? Why do we need to remind God that he claimed to provide for our needs?

Yes, yes. I know. God works in mysterious ways. That's what we say whenever God does bad things. Don't you ever wonder why we say it so often?

You know, son, I was a Christian once. But I never fooled myself into thinking my prayers were ever answered.

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Comment by unholyroller on December 2, 2009 at 12:42am
I've been a nurse for several years now and I can tell you first-hand how many people I've seen healed of their afflictions by a damn one! If prayer actually worked my infant grandson would be 2 years old now. No one would EVER die! We would all live forever....and be hip-deep in human detreius no doubt. And still the mooing herds will not be persuaded that their prayerful efforts are a colossal waste of time. I could get farther arguing with a fence post. And Set was always one of my favorites.
Comment by Atheist Exile on December 1, 2009 at 9:46pm
Hey Seth,

You have a biblical first name. Eve believed God had given her Seth as a replacement for Abel.

Anyway, yeah . . . actions speak louder than words.

But who really surrenders all their worldly goods and allows God to provide for their needs?

Besides . . . wouldn't it be better to work your ass off and then take the fruit of your labors to give to the needy?

In a world of 7 billion people, Jesus is too passive.



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