Here are the meteorological results of Rick Perry's flirtation with praying for rain back in April:


April 21: Resolution published and all Texans commanded to pray for rain.

April 22 - 24: Texans on their knees everywhere

April 25: Nuttin (maybe god was washing his hair)

April 26: god let loose the torrents of rain to come crashing down and wash away every Texan's misery. With less than two-tenths of an inch of rain.  


The spike on the 16th makes me a little suspicious. Maybe god is a time traveler. Maybe he heard the woeful Texas hill country church prayers slicing through the clouds, glancing against the ether and echoing through time and decided to react. And maybe he was burying dino bones in China or something, heard the frantic cries from Texas (after ignoring the wails from the tornado-ravaged southeast US) and, after entering the coordinates in his time machine, stopped to eat a ham and cheese sandwich, and maybe, just maybe, a little of the mayonnaise dripped on the Crux Flappacitor causing him to hurtle through time and accidentally make it rain two days before his favorite governor put forth his prayer reminder. That probably happened. There really is no other explanation.

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Comment by Daniel B on May 19, 2011 at 10:26am
The rest of the country's been getting plenty of rain.  Shoot, it damn near ruined the Tour of CA bike race.  What's the latest with Texas?



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